Full National Teams List From PES 2008

Now we have the full national teams list from PES 2008. I'm sure people are dying to find out especially with the recent announcements about Turkey, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Israel. So here it is boys:

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vitord13949d ago

now i want Bwin Portuguese League in Pes 2008!

Bazookajoe_833949d ago


radzy3949d ago

They just won the asian cup.

Bazookajoe_833949d ago

In halo you shot other races ;-)

vitord13949d ago

if konami were racist they wont pay Drogba to make cover lol
in Halo u kill red guys!

Komrad3949d ago

That roster sucks. Get your shiet together konami. Thats really not a lot of national teams. Someone needs to get them an atlas. Don't try to make a world roster if you don't have the knowledge of whom should and shouldn't be on there. It is very disappointing how lame their licensing department is. I really thought they might step it up this time, but again they find ways to miss the mark. I'm sure the music will be half baked as well. Sad day indeed.