Online Repair Site for Xbox 360 Launched

In the hopes of making Xbox 360 repairs faster and more efficient, Microsoft have set up an online option for customers in the United States. Here's what was posted on the Microsoft owned GamerScoreBlog:

For those of you who require sending your Xbox or Xbox 360 in for repairs, we now have another option to speed things along. has an online option for customers in the US, now available at

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BigFART3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

This sucks.

EDIT: You guys are saying that I'm not drunk by disagreeing?

Jeremy Gerard3764d ago

this is a great idea, half the problem with sending it in is dealing with the idiot foreigners on the other end of the phone who don't even know how to spell New York.

StrboyM3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

there were a lot of fanb...err people saying that this whole "high faiure rate" thing wasnt true, i wonder what there saying now. in light of a 3 year extended warrenty and an online repair site?

the two goofballs who disagreed with me....your muther!!
disagreeing with me wont change the facts. sorry

aquaviva713764d ago

Thats it keep on fixing them; fix, fix, fix and more fix. What a lovely life it is when you invest a considerable amount of money on a supposedly solid gaming console called the next gen NOT! only to find out that your spending just as much money with your time trying to get it resolved and waisting fuel driving to the post office to send it away or driving to the store where you bought it and exchanging it; then driving back home installing it back again, oh man I love doing all that; or don't you love it when your playing your little cartoonish baby halo game and praying at the same time that the RINGS OF DEATH don't appear. Why go through all that; just for GOW which was the only AAA game and how long has the 360 been out. Now finally before the holiday season hits us there comes Halo and Bioshock; thats it. The PS3 has much more games coming out before Christmas like Uncharted-Drake's Fortune, Lair, Hevenly Sword, Warhawk, Heavy Rain, Hot Shots 5, Folklore, Ratchet & Clank, Unreal Tournament 3,
Time Crisis 4 with Guncon, Eight Days, Gran Tourismo HD, Tekken 6 and then after Christmas theres:Infamous, Burnout Paradise, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and more. Now thats a library of amazing diverse games and look most of them being released just under a year. The PS3 is a solid machine with great games coming out; it plays Blu-ray movies and so much more. HOW CAN THE 360 MATCH UP TO THIS? I'M JUST SAYING THAT THE XBOX360 IS GONNA GO THROUGH A DOWNWARD SPIRAL WHEN THE PS3 STARTS RELEASING THE GAMES MENTIONED.

Venom3764d ago

now if it would only let me register the refurb unit they sent me so I could actually use the site.

aquaviva713764d ago

That must suck knowing that you got someone elses console. How do you know if they smoked around it or how they mistreated the unit. How about if they had a very bad digusting virus and breathed on it the wrong way. I would be fuming if I dished out all that money for A BRAND NEW CONSOLE and then it broke under warranty and they sent me someone else's unit. What a rip off. Trade it in at Ebgames or Gamestop and buy a PS3 for heaven's sake.

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