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Darkstorn2472d ago

Awesome. American McGee is BACK BITCHES!

NecrumSlavery2472d ago

Hell yeah, I was pissed when American McGee's OZ got scrapped for Scrapland. Glad to see the dementia returns!

Freak of Nature2472d ago

OH yes I agree....

Style, creativity and act/adv platforming FTW!

Any release date? Thanks ahead of time...

MEsoJD2472d ago

The game looks really good.

Spenok2472d ago

Agreed, the first one was awesome. I cant wait for this.

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finbars752472d ago

Three words


criticalkare2472d ago

how was the first game? is this game platformer?

wwm0nkey2472d ago

Go play it and find out, its still a really good game :D

jerethdagryphon2472d ago

alice is based on quake 3 its a 3rd person platforming shooter some parts are lacking but the feel is there

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The story is too old to be commented.