Destructoid Using To Get Website Hits?

A user by the name of Johnnycrizman had this to say on the subject.

I've had enough of Destructoid's cheating. It angers me in knowing that they can make a quick buck just by "using" Digg's traffic. I mean, just look at this image I've conducted. They use their staff members to quickly Digg up a newly submitted article so it gains popularity. Take a look at their profiles, they Digg ONLY Destructoid articles.

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eLiNeS3732d ago


If anyone is more blatantly doing this, it is Loot Ninja and their Looney Ninjas. They spam here on N4G, Digg, and I am sure a million other places. What do you do? Just don't support them.

grayfox_2k3732d ago

it really makes me wanna digg their articles less tho'

Phantom_Lee3732d ago

I have never like that site...

cooke153731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I think its ok for them to submit their articles to Digg obviously but to have their entire staff digging the articles to get hits is wrong. I submit articles from my site on here but I leave it to you guys if you want it approved or not.