'Heavenly Sword is much more than just 'Goddess of War'

"Heavenly Sword" is one of the more intriguing titles in the PlayStation 3 arsenal. As the game's fall release nears, Sony is finally pulling back the curtain on this stylish adventure, and Sun Herald has seen the gorgeous action lying in wait.

The game was initially perceived as another title in the vein of "God of War," but after playing through the second of "Heavenly Sword's" six chapters, it's clear that the heroine Nariko is carving out her own corner in the action game arena. Wielding a cursed sword with the ability to act as several kinds of weapons, Nariko has three distinct fighting stances: ranged, speed and power. These positions do more than affect how cool you look as you defeat hordes of bad guys; "Heavenly Sword" is far from a simple button-masher, and juggling these styles is at the core of its calculated combat.

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fopums3916d ago

sure is building up to be a great title, ands its vastly different from god of war, the art direction, combat and dramatic tones really put HS in its own league. but still I cant wait to see a real next gen GOW

Blackmoses3916d ago

i don't know about you...but that newest wallpaper....badass!!!!

Marceles3916d ago

is that picture on the official site? that wallpaper is dope

TeaDouble_E3916d ago

Where can I get that wallpaper , its not on the official site

jwatt3916d ago

Where can we find that wallpaper, she looks sexy and hardcore at the same time.

ALIEN3916d ago

Agree wit you. I would love to see a real next gen GOW. But untill GOW comes out, HS will be da "BIG MOMMA".

mccomber3916d ago

I want an artbook for this game so much.

macalatus3916d ago

To be honest, after playing the short (really short) but sweet demo, the game more closely leans to the style of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, but on the easier side.

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