Xbox repair process leaves gamers in a fix

Complaints regarding Xbox repairs and service aren't hard to find. Visit, for instance, Microsoft's official Xbox Live forums. Customers have a range of gripes: customer service reps failing to follow up as promised, receiving broken consoles from the repair center, losing money on prepaid Xbox Live subscriptions and longer-than-expected fix times.

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Odion3977d ago

lol everyone who approved this is a MS hater

dantesparda3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

And you're just a MS lover, fanboy! it's true, their service sucks, i just went through it (my second time) and i can honestly tell you that it was faster the first time i went through it
(35 days this time versus 1 week the 1st time). Not to mention they sent UPS to my house to come get the system the first time. This time, i had to go to UPS myself in order to bring it to them. And the representatives dont know whats going on with your system. Much weaker service then what i originally got. Dont hate on the truth, And i lost a month of Xbox Live, because my system was out of commission for 2 month and they only give you 1 month back

@ Jason
You're just another typical fanboy, and i have my own car for your information. And i found that to be a inconvenience, and there was a big line at UPS. Oh and the UPS lady told me that they know that spot (the Texas) repair center. And that they pick up trailer loads everyday from there. So that should give a idea of the extent of the problem. Trailer loads daily!

s8anicslayer3977d ago

thats because they bit off more then they can chew, they can't handle the volume of the 360's bflowing in for repair, this is going to exceed their financial loss expectations

JasonXE3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

omg what a travesty!!! You had to drive/someone take you to ups instead of them coming to you?? This is outrageous!!!!

To 1.1

OMG, A BIG LINE IN UPS!! Really, this is absurd for you to face such an ordeal, to wait in a big line!! I’ am going to write a letter to Microsoft themselves complaining about this atrocity that you faced going to UPS instead of them coming to you. I swear that this is the worst struggle that mankind has ever faced in the history of humanity!! I hope Microsoft gets my letter so they can read the absurd conditions and torture that you face driving to UPS and waiting on such an enormous line. If I were you, I would sue Microsoft for making you stand, probably causing injuring to your legs or lower back region. I hope you know how bad I feel for you and this injustice of making you stand up shall not be taken anymore.

Best Regards, Your Friend

BLACKJACK VII3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Let's take a look at a typical week of the "hottest news" for Xbox360 owners on N4G:

"This Week's Hottest Xbox 360 News":

1.September EGM Takes Massive Dump On Blue Dragon, Lair
2.The Format Wars are Over... Blu-Ray Wins
3.Top 10 Reasons PSN Will Be Xbox LIVE’s Equal or Superior
4.DVD size limiting Project Gotham Racing 4
5.Microsoft's Shane Kim talks Metal Gear 4 on 360, GTA IV's HDD demands

I have to agree with you Odion on bias. The Xbox360 thread is drowned by alot of crap from BluRay to just plain stupid articles - labeled as "The Hottest Xbox360 News" week after week. The only decent information is on the 360 games themselves, which are overrun by Trolls. Truly sad.

But, back to the subject, let this article stand. RROD is a problem & many consumers have suffered b/c of it. My box, purchased 04/2006, hasn't had a problem - EVER, & no one on my friends list has had RROD either. Be that as it may, RROD IS a problem. It is a shame though, M$'s only cavet is it's own hardware, everything else is going very well for the 360 & personally I am very happy with my purchase & the games it has provided as well as epic releases coming this Fall. I feel bad for anyone who has had a RROD experience, but at least M$ IS doing something about it for consumers - alot of companys wouldn't. I went through 3 PS2's & Sony didn't do sh!t for me.

marinelife93977d ago

This is scaring me from wanting an Xbox at all now. I don't want to be lied to and ripped off by someone who is making $8.50 an hour.

razer3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

I was going to disagree with you until I see the list of hottest 360 topics. And I must say it is very disappointing and I now completely agree with you. This site brings very little positive news for the 360 and as I look at the threads every one that is positive about the 360 is completely overrun by asslicking PS3tards(ie fanboys). I see it in PS3 threads as well from Xbox fanboys, but it is not proportionate. What did Sony Defense Force have a retard casting call and send them all to N4G?

The other sites I visit maintain a nice balance it's unfortunate that N4G fails miserably at it. And is probably a big reason why it's not well respected by the gaming community.

On Topic: I own 2 360's and never had an issue with either.. Both are launch systems.

BLUR1113976d ago

coming closer to a recall sounds like

dantesparda3974d ago

You're missing the point..., I shouldnt have to be going through this at all, period! Now good day sir.

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Retro-Virus3977d ago

My 360 gave me the three RROD yesterday. I knew it was coming being that I bought it at launch but as a consumer it's just disgusting.

I was halfway through downloading Moto-GP 2007 and whoot. Still waiting for my UPS Shipping Carton :((

marionz3977d ago

this isnt even news, i only know one person to get a repair because guitar hero patch crached his console, came back after two weeks with new dvd drive and everything, runs cooler and quieter and he got a mth free gold, i was allmost wishing mine would break so i could get that treatment and new parts!
but no i think i got one thats invincible...just my luck

Eternal E 8083977d ago

dose anyone know when we will be geting back our refund repair money for all of thoughs that had to pay for repairs?

dantesparda3977d ago

They say up to 12 weeks, which is too long in my opinion. Im waiting on my refund too

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