Gamespot's Biggest Upcoming Military Shooters Of 2007

People who play games like shooting things, judging from the sheer popularity of the shooter genre. There are first-person shooters and third-person shooters, of course, but shooters also cover everything from fantasy and the Wild West to horror, science fiction, and more. While blasting zombies, aliens, and mutants can be a lot of fun, sometimes you want something grounded in a real-world setting. This can involve battling the Axis in World War II or participating in contemporary conflicts, both fictional and real. Gamespot likes these kinds of shooters too, so they've compiled a list of games that are coming out between now and the end of the year that fulfill need to rock and roll in a realistic setting. The key criteria for this list was an adherence to real-world weapons and a nod to realism, as well as the absence of anything fantastical, paranormal, or alien. And with that said, let's dive in.

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Bolts3699d ago

Its all about Socom and CoD 4.

Army of Two shouldn't even be on the list.

socomnick3698d ago

yea your right if you remove socom its all about call of duty 4 thats it.

ParaDise_LosT3699d ago

I never though of socom as a good Military fps...
The PsP version was good....but console....
bleck :(

question though....why in freaking hell do developers keep making these kinds of gameS?!?!!?!?
there are so many of them in the market...
I for one am SICK of it....truly SICK of military shooters....
*pre oders CoD4* Sick you hear me? Sick of it....

Bazookajoe_833699d ago

If u tryed a new theme of fps, have someone done any fps about ww2? that could be cool and a breath of fresh air ;-)