40,000 SouthPeak Games Seized By UK Court

Ex: The bitter struggle between game publisher SouthPeak (Two Worlds II, TNA iMPACT!) and distribution partner CDV has taken many unexpected turns, but today the outlook for SouthPeak begins to look especially grim.

Let's get everyone caught up first. Try to follow along as it's a bit messy.

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Queasy2896d ago

That's alot of crappy games.

killyourfm2896d ago

and for a huge publisher, not a big deal. But for a publisher who didn't even clear $200k in Q3, pretty devastating.

Queasy2896d ago

Yeah, they were barely in business as it was.

Neco5122896d ago

Ah, stop hatin. Dementium II was actually really good. So

Spenok2895d ago

You forgot the first Dementium lol.

Christopher2896d ago

That's also a lot of people who might be unemployed soon... and after all that work on making up for Two Worlds with the sequel...

killyourfm2896d ago

Agreed, the sequel does honestly look pretty awesome.

Spenok2895d ago

It does. Lets hope it at least gets released. It looks to be something at least worth playing.

shadowdancer2896d ago

This company has consistently put out crap.

killyourfm2896d ago

Well, there's still real people involved who probably stand to lose a lot after this.

PirateThom2896d ago

The downside is, they're distributing 3D Dot Game Heroes in Europe. An already rare game becomes impossible to find.

AssassinHD2896d ago

You could always just try importing it. PS3 games are region free after all.

monkey nuts2896d ago

I'm looking at a copy of it right now, albeit standing next to my tv. Looks like my initial investment of £30 may appreciate greatly in the next few months. Capitol!

Lucreto2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

"A UK court ruling found in favor of CDV to the tune of $3.4 million. In a move that could be hailed as evil genius, Southpeak responded by purchasing development studio IRP which was owed money by CDV. Then, claiming that CDV now owed them $6 million,"

LOL thats brilliant

RockmanII72896d ago

Oh no, what will we ever do without X-blades 2. Seriously though, its a shame that people will likely get laid off for this.

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