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Sony Announces PlayStation Beta Rooms

MusterBuster, the well-known SCEE community manager recently teased that a “HUGE” announcement was looming. Now, only a short while after that tease, the huge announcement has been, well, announced… (PS3)

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Cloudberry  +   1492d ago
You're actually right. XD

Sev  +   1492d ago
I'm always right ;)
Honest_gamer  +   1492d ago
you were wrong about how bad you are in bed hehehehe
I_find_it_funny  +   1492d ago
Don't get me wrong Sony, but there is nothing huge about it, just a local event to play games.
Sev  +   1492d ago

you are right, I am much better in bed than I originally had said ;)

I lied when I said I was bad in bed. Lower their expectations and so you can blow them away when it happens B)
sikbeta  +   1492d ago
“Calling all PlayStation faithfuls, we’re inviting you to come and prove yourself on games before they’re released, battle it out with the best of the best, win prizes, and speak face to face with your gaming heroes. While other people can only talk about future games, you can be launching yourself into them for real at our first ever PlayStation BETA event in Birmingham.”
“So what kind of crumbling apocalyptic cities can you race through and what kind of power struggles can you get caught up in? For a taster of what’s about to be unleashed on the market, you can sample all of these at the event: The Fight Move Edition, Kung Fu Rider, Sports Champions, Killzone 3 Dualshock, Motorstorm Apocolypse, GT5, Dead Nation, Eat Them, Heavy Rain Move Edition.”

“We’ll even stage a Motorstorm Apocolypse tournament. The prize? The champion of each session not only escapes a natural catastrophe but also wins a Sony 3DTV. And if you can’t dodge enough flying concrete to claim a prize, don’t curl up in shame as there are limited edition take homes for everyone. And there’s free food and drink throughout, to fuel your shooting/racing/zombie addiction.”

“So if you want to thrust yourself into games no one else can get their hands on at the BETA event in Birmingham’s Custard Factory, sign up now”"

Freaking HUGE, a Total Win for Gamers there...
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Dee_91  +   1492d ago
well thats great news
for them
probably come here
sooner than later
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hakis86  +   1491d ago
"I lied when I said I was bad in bed. Lower their expectations and so you can _blow them_ away when it happens B) "

I see what you did there (?)
N4BmpS  +   1492d ago
It would be pretty sick if they put this on PLAYSTATION Home. Example, you have a Home account and they invite you (one of the users)to test out the beta on Home. I can hope and dream.
Prcko  +   1492d ago
this is excellent!!!!!!!
Xwow2008  +   1492d ago
sony really care about there fans.
gallospqra  +   1492d ago
UK residents
lucky guys :(
xino  +   1492d ago
migrate to UK then if you want in!
Karlnag3  +   1492d ago
no don't, we want to keep people out.
HSx9  +   1491d ago
no one likes 12 year old british kids.
DeadIIIRed  +   1491d ago
Too soon for a Michael Jackson joke maybe?
doctorstrange  +   1492d ago
This calls for a Road Trip!!
blasian  +   1492d ago
so unfair
Sony America you're slackin
Taggart451  +   1492d ago
In the words of our beloved Kevin Butler...

cgoodno  +   1492d ago
Speaking of KB... been a long time since we've seen a new KB commercial/video.
Trexman89  +   1492d ago
And we don't have vidzone yet either, but things could be worse.....we could be in australia where everything gets banned and delayed.
Mr Vengeance  +   1492d ago
Yeah we get nothing down here, but it's always nice hearing all the Sony love going around. They'll remember us one day :-). Aus/Nz always get dudded but we did get demons souls : black phantom edition.
zeeshan  +   1492d ago
Oh yeah man! It would totally suck to be in Australia! Girls are freakin' hot though but with an accent I can hardly understand!
badz149  +   1492d ago
and not to mention
more expensive of about everything too! games retail from AU$79.90 and at EBGames, the lowest was AU$99.90! I bought my 60GB PS3 there for $978 but got lucky with 2nd SIXAXIS and 2 games bundled! still not saying that it's NOT not cheap!

@zeeshan - u should improve your english there buddy! :P
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Gdeep  +   1492d ago
dnt get it
BannedForNineYears  +   1492d ago
How do you not get it? The name is even self explanatory.
"Playstation Beta Rooms".
It's a room for Playstation Betas.
Chubear  +   1492d ago
Sony just gets the gaming culture.
Thank God for Sony; Thank God for Kutaragi San; Thank God for the Playstation Entertainment System.
S_C  +   1492d ago
First Time I saw that picture i thought it was going to be in playsation home for PS+ members like myself and was excited as it would give me a reason to actually use playstation home but then read down to see it was in Birmingham and for me it was a huge anticlimax :(
Gdeep  +   1492d ago
ohhhhhhh koool i get it, didnt read lol
Gdeep  +   1492d ago
suppose u gta be 18 n over :(
washingmachine  +   1492d ago
wow,thats not really that huge.
SilPho  +   1492d ago
Agreed, it's not as big as I had hoped, but that's not going to stop me from trying to go. Sounds like a fun day
HeroXIV  +   1492d ago
HUGE, HUGE announcement -- I mean disappointment
I live not far from Birmingham and I'm not really that excited for this. Oh and American brothers, I'm pretty sure I heard Sony are having something like this at Comic-con.
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dkgshiz  +   1492d ago
This was lame.
How was this a big, big, big announcement? 99.99% of all PS3 gamers in the UK will never be able to go to this. I mean I could see if their was a Beta room on PS home were everyone with a UK PSN id could go to that and try out all the betas. Never fall for hype. Even though their was barely any hype to begin with.
PSboy  +   1492d ago
for people in Birmingham....
Emmettcelticfan  +   1492d ago
bit far really it at least a 2 hour train journey that i cant be bothered with. shame if it was in the north west area i would go for sure
JonnyBigBoss  +   1492d ago
Wow this is cool. UK only?
kharma45  +   1492d ago
japwow  +   1492d ago
He should have said "BETA.BETA,BETA".

but it's nice for UK gamers.
Redempteur  +   1492d ago
exactly ..it's nice not huge i'm not from Uk so i can't enjoy it .i'm pretty sure the compettion will be fierce to win that Tv
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Fishy Fingers  +   1492d ago
What game is that on the TVs in the promotional shot?
BannedForNineYears  +   1492d ago
Good question/observation.
I've got no clue.
First thing that comes to mind is the new Team Ico game.
But it's probably just a stock image or something.
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J-Smith  +   1492d ago
i am off on holiday on the 1st, oh well have fun ps3 fans who go
TheLastGuardian  +   1492d ago
Why only in UK?
SpitFireAce85  +   1492d ago
Should hold a BETA event like this for the US and maybe
make it a 3 day event like Fri-Sun I would defiantly go
up to 500 Miles from NY State to take part.
wlchrbandit  +   1492d ago
This is easily the stupidest way they could have went about this. Announcing it 11 days before, extremely short notice for anyone who lives more than 10 minutes away, and giving the places on a first come first serve basis... I don't mean to be rude, but that's bordering retarded! The only people that will get to go are people who live in Burmingham...

I live in Scotland, and REALLY want to go, but it'd cost a lot to get there and it'd be a lot of hassle sorting it out. I don't even have time to ask any friends if they think it'd be a plausible idea (I don't drive yet), cause by the time I did there'd be no spaces.

Poor show SCEE... poor show...
Mastergalen  +   1492d ago
I guess he was thinking about erections while tweeting...
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xg-ei8ht  +   1492d ago
Thats what should occur, get rid of HOME and just have beta's.

You click the home(beta)icon and can d/l and play whatever is listed for a limited time.
good23   1492d ago | Spam
rbluetank  +   1492d ago
i am sorry but did someone ask this question?
why aren't the people who bought PS+ apart of this Beta Room over the PSN? this is not great news for me. i live in the USA. i bought PS+ for betas. Now where is my wcvk betas access over PSN? WTF!!! this news would have been better to involve all PS+ into this beta rooms over the PSN.
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goxbox360  +   1492d ago
You obviously don't understand what this is. It's a physical showing, which will last for probably a couple hours, what you want them to setup some kinda onlive facility for you to play these games over PSN?
Spenok  +   1492d ago
Sounds like a nice little way to play some games early, and potentially win a 3DTV. I almost wish i lived in the UK.
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