Sony's Problems Can't Be Solved Without New Blood

Roger Ehrenberg of submits: If I was the CEO of Sony (SNE), I'd do things very differently. That said, what would I do, and how and why would I do it?

How would I deal with the pummeling my premier gaming product, the PS3, is taking from the low-cost yet commercially successful likes of the Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) Wii? In less than a year the gaming industry has been turned upside down, leaving Sony with a big bump on its head.

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btkadams3977d ago

why does he insist that sony is not focused on the customer. psblog, gamer advisory panel, and the fact that they update the ps3 monthly with features the customer demands.

but i agree on the innovative part, so far sony hasnt really surprised us with anything new. but what theyve brought to the table is still top quality.

lets just let sony, nintendo, and microsoft make the decisions. i dont know why everybody has to blog-it-up and tell the world that companies are stupid. if your not the one running the company, theres a reason. get over it.

mikeslemonade3977d ago

I'd argue that Sony has the most innovative games coming out this fall. Nintendo has the old ips with tacked on motion controls which is expected. MS have mostly FPS. Sony has new iPs covering almost all genres. The downloadable games like everyday shooter and echochrome. Eye of Judgement too is something different. The only problem I see with Sony is that they don't advertise what they have. They need to say why the PS3 is this good. For someone who doesn't read news and research games everyday like us, will have very few reasons to get a PS3.

Bathyj3977d ago

People can b*tch and whine all they like but the fact remains, PS3 is selling as well as Xbox did, and as well as PS2 did. And its doing it amidst bad press (which is going away) high price (which has dropped) and very few games (which is being rectified as well).

I dont give a rats arse how much the Wii out sells it cos the Wii doesn't even have many real games. Just mini and party games. Gimmicy crap. Nintendo have turned their back on all us gamers.

Cans of Coke out sell bottles of wine too, it doesn't make it better quality. People only ever bring that up to knock PS3. You dont hear Wii X360 comparisons do you?

One more thing, this year has been very slow for ALL consoles as far as good games go, but the next 6 months is going to be much better across the board.

Rute3977d ago

"dont give a rats arse how much the Wii out sells it cos the Wii doesn't even have many real games. Just mini and party games. Gimmicy crap. Nintendo have turned their back on all us gamers."

The Prediction: This year Wii will have more AAA exclusives than PS3 (using as a source).

The question: If I stand correct at the end of the year, will you finally stop with the bashing of the Wii? Criticism is always good, just make sure there's a concrete basis for it. At the moment, there's two AAA games for Wii and one for PS3.

Bathyj3977d ago

I dont think I even mention the Wii more than once or twice a month, but perhaps you're talking about people bashing it in general.

Dude I stand by what I said. I've supported Nintendo since Game&Watch and now all they seem to care about capturing the nongamer with their dull motion games. Sorry thats how I feel.

I also dont care about so called AAA games or Gamerankings. To everyone around here a AAA game just means it got solid 9's from most sites and yeah that usually means a great game. It could also mean its just a good game thats terrible overatted like certain titles that I'm not even going to mention to avoid flaming. To me a good game is one I ENJOY. One of my favourite series is Tenchu and they never score better than 6 or 7. 8 at the most. You think I care? So how do I gauge how much I like a console? Since March I've bought 7 games for PS3. Since November I've bought 1 for Wii. Its hard to sell which I prefer.

Rute3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

I was talking about Wii bashing in general. I just get the feeling that people don't realise how small company Nintendo is compared to Sony and MS. They couldn't afford to take the risk of selling a superpowered console at loss for the narrow hardcore gamer community, considering how badly GC did with similar strategy. They definately don't have the money to buy several well-known gaming studios like their competitors do.

These days games simply cost so much to make, that Nintendo can't afford trying to make a batch of new high-end ips because. If couple of them bombed, it would be a tough situation. Instead, they did the only thing they thought could help them survive; innovated and started producing more arcadeish games, just like Super Mario Bros or Duck Hunt on the NES. They do show love for experienced gamers and don't rush half-ready products of established franchises (they could do that as the franchises sell also because of their name). Instead, they use the money they gain from the casual games for perfecting the in-depth games like MP3, SSBB and SMG. That's why I like Nintendo. It's also the reason why I don't own the Wii yet.

FordGTGuy3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

are paid to write their opinions and analysts are paid to share their opinions don't hate on them for doing their jobs even if you don't like what they have to say.

@Bathyj & Kyur4ThePain

Theres nothing wrong with disagreeing with analysts and journalists. I myself don't like the idea of analysts at all and my comment was in response to btkadams's comment. He said analysts and journalists should keep their mouths shut and be quiet because their not the ones running the companies so they shouldn't call the companies decisions stupid. When in fact thats what analysts are paid to do in the first place.

Both of you have just shown a fanboyish temper in saying you'll remember what I said. I was just stating a fact so get off my case.

Bathyj3977d ago

I'll remember that next time I see you upset with an analysts/journalists opinion. And dont say it wont happen.

Kyur4ThePain3977d ago

happens when you open your trap?
There'll be at least two of us waiting for you now, Mr. GT.

Bathyj3977d ago

Dude, what temper?

I simply pointed out what I see as a slight hypocrisy in a calm tone. Maybe the guy below me wasn't so diplomatic but you've proved my point. You've been known to get upset at peoples opinions yourself so you see what I was getting at. And while we might not be analyst does the fact we're not getting paid for our opinion make it less valid? No wait, I'll reverse that, does the fact he's getting paid make his opinion more important?

Anyway its ok, I'm not scouring the boards waiting for you to trip up or anything, so I'm not on your case.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend as I will, (last public holiday for the year.) :)

gEnKiE3977d ago

...and another waste of internet space.....

Clinton5143977d ago

I couldn't read through all of that

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