GameSpot: QuakeCon 2007: Rage First Look

You know all about Doom and Quake. Now get ready for Rage. Famed programmer John Carmack announced id Software's newest game at QuakeCon 2007 in Dallas today, and it represents a departure of sorts from the company's traditional first-person shooters. Rage will have shooting action, but it will also feature racing and driving gameplay, along with adventure in a post-apocalyptic world that seems inspired by the classic action movie The Road Warrior. The game, which the public was given an early glimpse of during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June under the name id Tech 5, is being simultaneously developed by id for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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MK_Red3944d ago

Why didn't they just buy the license and name it Road Warrior? It would have been much cooler and huge number of cult classic's fans (including me) would consider it hour holy quest to buy this game.

But even now, its awesome, hopefully the unverse and characters behave like them. (They certainly look like RW people which is great news)

supnub53944d ago

they wanted to name rage the darkness.interesting, never knew that.

Hatchetforce3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Well the Tip Submission software is screwed here. I try to submit a major fact but the filter says it is already submitted... it isn't. So here:

"idTech is real ... and it will finally arrive in a brand new game, Rage. Simultaneously developed for PC, Mac, PS3, and 360, Rage will use the second generation of id's "Megatexture" technology. What does that mean? 20GB worth of texture information will be squeezed through the engine's technology to deliver visually stunning scenes. Regardless of the compression, the game will require two DVDs for all platforms ... but the PS3.

The need for added space in the HD-era of games is clear. Blu-ray's added storage allows the game to run on a single disc. The game itself is a departure for id, where it will try to combine "60 percent shooting and 40 percent driving." After a comet smashes into the Earth, players will have to fight the monsters that roam the wasteland.

id plans to make Rage a 20 hour single player experience, and plans to offer co-op. Also, in a surprising change of pace, their aiming for a suspiciously safe Teen rating. The game will ship "when it's done."

Multiple discs for all platforms except PS3...

hella whip3944d ago

lol I thought compression could make any game fit on one dvd? More proof that Bluray was a good choice.

ALIEN3944d ago

I need more info on this game. I don't know much about it.