New Wii Wrist Straps Circulating

Nintendo World Report forums reader UncleBob has given us word that Nintendo is circulating a new type of Wii wrist strap, as seen in this photo...

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M_Prime3914d ago

i don't think i like it.. but i have 2 more straps still in their bags from the replacements... :-)

they never move away for me

ChickeyCantor3914d ago

i still have the first straps....that suppose to break really fast.....i don't get why people need a replacement anyway...are they really that crazy when playing?

djt233914d ago

what the hell people are doing with the wii remote to break the strip because i still have the first straps .....

jinn3914d ago

this just comes to the conclusion that people who buy these wrist straps are just darn lazy. before we even know it, they'll start making straps for the xbox 360 and ps3