Red Dead Redemption Top Glitches

Red Dead Redemption is the most Glitchy game in history its official, check out some of the best glitches, some funny and some just down right strange.

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TheLastGuardian2797d ago

I have the PS3 verion and my game has never glitched offline.

captain-obvious2796d ago

I have the PS3 version here as well
and I've only ran into one glitch and it happened to me once and like only for seconds

I was riding my horse when all of a sudden my character kinda like ran (on foot) on top of the horse while it was moving

lol it was funny
and that's it
the only time it happen and the only glitch that i ran in to

Bereaver2796d ago

I was also saddened by the talk of the fun the glitches created. Because I too have not seen a single glitch. :( I have the ps3 one.

despair2796d ago

i got injured by a dead body, tried looting it and every time I would take damage, quite funny, after I ran away.

Spenok2796d ago

I've never seen this glitch in RDR, though i have see it in Age of Conan. I've ran into something similar, and it also only happened for a couple of seconds. Basically i was riding along and all of a sudden i was under the horse, my body was still in the animation of my riding the horse, but i was below it. It was definitly interesting to see. xD

Darkstorn2796d ago

That flying glitch is kind of terrifying...

kneon2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I have the PS3 version and couldn't go 10 minutes without seeing some sort of glitch. But they were seldom as entertaining as these. I think the funniest I encountered was the horse and rider riding along with only the riders head sticking out of the ground. I've also seen someone "riding" their horse which just happened to be about 100feet ahead of them, stage coaches that run into trees and get stuck and numerous floating or partially submerged objects, animals and people. And also plenty of disappearing landscape and buildings. A couple times I entered a building that turned out to only have the front facade rendered. I've also entered buildings only to fall to the center of the earth.

liquidgravity2797d ago

Same here... i have the PS3 version and have had no prob.

davidmccue2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

You should try the Xbox version, it has glitched out on me a fair few times.

WIIIS12796d ago

Strange, I have both 360 and PS3 versions, 3 copies of PS3 in fact, and all 3 copies of the PS3 version glitch a lot more... maybe I was just lucky with the 360 version.

raWfodog2796d ago

but why do you have 3 PS3 copies of RDR?? Just wondering...

TheLastGuardian2796d ago

I only play playstation. and how the hell did this article get reposted with the same comments and everything?

Alcohog2797d ago

PS3 version here as well, never have I seen any glitch besides the infamous GTA random car appearing (in this case a buggy).

dinkeldinkse2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Has this person ever played a game developed by Bethesda? About any game they have made trumps RDR by a truckload of glitches.

Oblivion had several glitches that could be use together to make your character pretty much invincible(100% reflect damage, 100% reflect spell and 100% Chameleon. Only way to die was to fall to your death).

HSx92796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

what? Oblivion? gtfo, oblivion was one of the best games ever made, yeah it had that NPC suicide, but other than that the glitches benefited the player's stats, and you would have to purposely do them. You got to give them credit either way, they made the best MMORPG I have ever played, and I hate those type of games.

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