Heavenly Sword: 3 Amazing Videos Plus 1 Cinematic

Fire Rocket Frenzy, Whirling Blades of Death Gameplay, Sinister Plans Cinematic, Serpent Lady Boss Battle videos:
Arm your deadly fire cannon and blow your enemies to smithereens and Swing your razor-sharp blades about in a whirling maelstrom of metal and blood. Follow the link for HD versions.

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MK_Red3918d ago

OMG, Good to know I'm not. I though I was the only one who avoided the vids until buying the game. I posted this story but resisted watching it!
Have faith my friend, hopefully time passes faster until we get our hands on full Heavenly Sword.

DaTrooF3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

i must resist...i will resist...heavenly sword aint the only game that i'm trying so hard not to spoil until i have the official game runnin on my ps3;) its not easy,but i believe it will be worth the wait

jwatt3918d ago

I keep playing the demo, I am so nice with Nariko. I get most counter attacks, and I switch between the different fighting stances easily. I like launching barrows at the enemies' heads. I also like how they use the six axis, where you can use it to steer objects you threw, and you can use it for air attacks. Plus if a enemy knocks you in the air you pull up on the controller and you'll stick him with your sword and land on your feet, it feels rewarding.

facundo3918d ago

i dont give a f what EGM gives this game, they could give it a 2 and I'm still buying this game

IPlayGames3918d ago

must have played like 100x by now.

Hope the air combos are longer in the game there more like air moves not combos but they are still sick.

hotshot12373918d ago

someone .....................please help me. give me advice on what 2 n these stupid internets RUIN games tryin soooooo HARD not to look. please please please. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!! IM GONNA LOOK...............SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Blackmoses3918d ago

I looked...
Now I really can't wait.
When is it out again?

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The story is too old to be commented.