Too Human: Essential Eye Candy

Too Human Blog #39 plus new images and info:
"In computer gaming, eye candy has been used to describe a vfx (visual effect) as something that has a visual aesthetic quality, but is not essential to story or game play. Special effects, however, do add a layer of realism to a level to make it come alive and enlighten. By enlighten I mean that the vfx informs the player by providing feedback. For example, a vfx can tell the player how their fight is progressing in a boss fight. If your firing your weapon and the enemy starts to smoke, you know you are doing damage. A large final explosion, with all the Hollywood style pyrotechnics thrown in, provides sweet closure to a hard fought boss encounter. "

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MK_Red3945d ago

The game looks stunning and those fire/light/whatever effects are simply amazing but whenever they show a trailer, its rather broken and mediocre. Hopefully they finally get it together and reach the high visual quality and game excellence they're aiming for.

power of Green 3945d ago

What has been shown so fars is mediocre.

Monkspade3944d ago

I just hope the story and the game play will be good.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3944d ago

Wonder if the God of War and DMC fans will come in and hate.

IdontTakeSides3944d ago

well im already sold on this game....CAN'T's just a trailer you know sumthing thats put 2gether just 2 let the public have an idea of what they can pretty sure this game will be Great MS...spending alot of $$$..2 make sure that happens..