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syrinx2925d ago

Holy smoke, some good pedigree in there to make this awesome

Dorjan2925d ago

the project is merky xD

Djorgo2925d ago

Is it just me who thinks "Amalur" sounds silly?

chak_2925d ago

annoucement without anything to back'em up are a little boring.

Should have given a screen or two

Chazmers2925d ago

expect they will reveal them at Comic-Con on Thurs

Montrealien2924d ago

And kurt Schilling pretty much assembled a dream team and it has been known that they have been working on something for quite a while now. They are just building hype, but with the people working on it, it is surely promising.

Christopher2925d ago

Six years and 38 Studios is finally going to show something... and it's not their MMO? I'm very skeptical.

Montrealien2924d ago

it has been knowr that they wanted to hit many different mediums before the MMO. Expect comics and toys and more.

I am not skeptical.

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