Rage debut trailer

First look at id Software's next FPS called Rage that is using Tech-5 engine.

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MK_Red3915d ago

1.TnS, you are so fast!
2.Awesome vid. So that tech was Rage.
3.Really "Road Warrior"ish which is superb in my book.

TnS3915d ago

Thanks. Maybe it is because I'm so excited about QuakeCon. :)

Character animation in the video is very good.

MK_Red3915d ago

True, while graphics aren't as jaw dropping as Crysis was 2 years ago, animation is really sweet and the engine seems really powerfull.

The fact that I'm really excited about is that they're going for 60 fps with this graphics on consoles which could be a miracle, specially for a non-exclusive.

Douche3915d ago

I had no idea that ID's tech demo for their new engine was actually for this game. Those pictures released awhile back for the same tech, does anyone know where they are? It had a street with the same style of monsters all staggering toward you. It was very impressive. They were posted on N4G. I was hoping that demonstration, at least when it came to the monsters like in the pics, would base a game off of it. I can't believe they kept all this info from us and then revealed so much at once. I can't wait to see more as it improves. Although, I'm not too fawned of all the driving mentioned in the shooter. But the driving does look similar to Motorstorm. That's not exactly a bad thing though. Woo!

supnub53915d ago

what was in this pics, that is using i forgot what engine.

supnub53915d ago

fps or a racing game that looks exactly like motorstorm.

ericbs3914d ago

I heard that it is both.

gEnKiE3915d ago

wow....looks incredible

GnaM3915d ago least they're working on a new franchise for once.

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The story is too old to be commented.