Warhawk Goes Gold: Release Date 28th August

Dylon Jobe, Game Director of Warhawk writes on the Playstation blog that;

"Warhawk has gone gold.

Hells Ya! The PSN and Blu-ray versions have gone "GOLD," completely finished and will go on sale August 28th … just a few weeks away!

Next, what does Warhawk cost?

If you didn't already know, SCEA is taking an exciting new approach with Warhawk – making it available for download directly from the PlayStation Store *and* releasing it at retail simultaneously. Each one has a different price. Why different pricing? A couple of reasons: first off, we wanted to give all of you the option, the retail game is more of a premium version with some expanded video content, traditional package and manual (this seems to mean a lot with some of the gamers I have spoken to), and a Jabra Bluetooth headset bundled with the game – all for $59.99!

The PlayStation Store version will be $39.99 and I'm really glad that SCEA came through with a "good value" price for this – it's the right thing to do."

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Rythrine4127d ago

Now, I'm definitely getting the disc version. Imo, its the better deal with the headset. I'm guessing that this will get buried by 1up and EGM for their reviews because of the price tag lolz.

Meus Renaissance4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

The value pack is the $60 which is even better value. It emphasises to the customer to get a headset, which is a big necessity to play this title. It's one thing alot of PS3 users lack; a headset.

This game is incredibly addictive and fun. Great if you want to get hardcore and create your own clan, or just blow up a few things for 10 minutes.

For its retail price, and the sheer fun - I expect places like 1UP to rate this game atleast on the same score as Shadowrun that got 8/10.

That is fair.

Rythrine4127d ago

I was in the beta and I had fun playing this game. I just remember that headline the other day about 1up giving it a low score if the downloadable content is priced higher than $30 which is really unfair and doesn't make sense at all. I mean, why should the pricetag affect the game review? If we go to their logic, then Calling all Cars should've gotten a 10/10 because its only 10 bucks.

Meus Renaissance4127d ago

Excellent news. No delay then. But the $40 price tag will put alot of people off downloading it, whilst they can get it on Blu-Ray, with a quality headset, for less than $60 in retail stores.

techie4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Not delayed :) At least in the US

GoLeafsGo4127d ago

Thanks, SCEA! You just helped me make up my mind about picking this up on disk!

By the way, any specifics on the headset?
I'm currently using a Motorola H300, and it sometimes stops working (or interferes with the SIXAXIS controllers).
I'd like to fix that >_<!

Meus Renaissance4127d ago

Jabra 125. Seems to work fine with most of the titles too.

macalatus4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )


I can't emphasize this more than enough, but STAY AWAY FROM MOTOROLA, especially the H350!! I used to have the motorola H350, but it caused all kind of weird problems, even occasionally crashing my entire PS3. According to forum, there seems to be a bug within the motorola headset that can cause your ps3 to disconnect or even crash.

PS. I have the plantronics explorer 330. It works great.

AznSniper4127d ago

ugh.....1up and EGM should not deduct 1 point just for the price......take a look at's the same thing and they didn't have any problem with the price why warhawk now

Meus Renaissance4127d ago

If they do, then they lose further credibility. Alteast from those who were in the Beta.

WaggleLOL4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

"ugh.....1up and EGM should not deduct 1 point just for the price"

Of course they should, it's a PS3 game.

"take a look at's the same thing "

Not the same, it's a 360 game.

It should be clear to anyone what the 'review policy' is for the Xbots at EGM/1Up:

* PS3 games - find some reason, any reason, to downgrade review scores - like price or motion controls etc.

* 360 games - hype, hype, hype and land that job at Microsoft!

EGM/1Up have zero credibility. Nothing more than another

AznSniper4127d ago

I hope you were being sarcastic cause people would flame u