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Gran Turismo 5 head-tracking 'underwhelming'

But there is one area that Polyphony Digital will have to 'smooth out before release', according to the Official PlayStation Magazine - and that's head-tracking. (Gran Turismo 5, Playstation Eye, PS3)

Def Warrant  +   1767d ago
*sigh* why is it that anything Sony related gets criticized to death before consumers get the final product? Besides, this is king Kazunori we are talking about. The king of all things racing. I say wait till the game is out in it's final form before passing judgment. Something tells me GT5 will be one hell of a game.
DJMarty  +   1767d ago
So True
Sounds like MS supporters are getting desperate, reported on a non final build of a game.
shoddy  +   1767d ago
is there really head tracking in GT5? Casue I have a pseye.
Wow imagin in 3D and have headtracking.

The graphic alone make me really want this game. All GT games graphic always wow me in every generation. The best of it time.

damn 1000 cars!? it gonna be quite a show for cars lovers.
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bringitson   1767d ago | Spam
Dread  +   1767d ago
Its a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!

show me someone being somewhat critical of somthing related to Sony, and Ill show you a crazy fanboy claiming bias and conspiracy.


you guys are pathetic, dont forget to take off your tin foil hat and cape before you go to sleep.
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Zack Sawyer  +   1767d ago
@ bringitson
Erm I think you are mistaken, that criticism came from writers at Official Playstation Magazine, not CVG. They are just reporting news which is hardly bashing GT5
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BBAM  +   1767d ago
MS supporters?
Did you not read the article?
It's from the Official PlayStation Magazine...
Who were giving their honest preview of the game.
There's alot of bad journalism going on in this generation, but don't knock it when it's how it should be for what it's not.
Back to the OP, from the article it seems that there really is no cockpit view in the 800 standard cars which is bad because that probably means the only camera views available would be outside view and bumper view.
Still at least it will all be in 3D and look stunning.
I'm also really looking forward to the damage on the 200 models, sounds like it's going to not only shut up Forza fanboys but also show Turn10 how it's done.
November 2nd couldn't come soon enough. Lets hope PD can smooth out the head tracking, would be a nice addition and a use for my PlayStation Eye camera
Dee_91  +   1767d ago
well it may be underwhelming to them
but its exciting as fuck to me !! so fuck them and whoever else gtta problem with it HAHA!!
thereapersson  +   1767d ago

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

All the M.O. of the fanboy...
Thrillhouse  +   1767d ago
So you're saying that the Official PlayStation Magazine dislikes Sony?

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-MD-  +   1767d ago
"why is it that anything Sony related gets criticized to death before consumers get the final product?"

Sony defense force is responsible for that by shoving it down everybody's throats day after day.
ElementX  +   1767d ago
Comment removed due to Soda taking words out of my mouth.
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IRetrouk  +   1767d ago
those xtrolls deserve it, i remember what it was like to be a playstation fan on here up to about last year, every single thing got picked on, all the games were shot down b4 anyone played them, go cry somewhere else, the xtrolls deserve it.
DelbertGrady  +   1767d ago
"*sigh* why is it that anything Sony related gets criticized to death before consumers get the final product?"

Same could be said about Kinect.
You Noob  +   1767d ago
But Kinect is a shame :)
creepjack  +   1767d ago
Umm, the same has been said about Kinect, over and over and over again. Where have you been?
DigitalAnalog  +   1767d ago
GT5 "Underwhelming".. Agreed
After seeing some demos upon it, I share the same sentiments on PSM



**I also noticed a lot of idiots didn't bother reading the article.....

-End statement
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DigitalAnalog  +   1766d ago
Like I said, it was underwhelming. Had the player moved his head back and forth instead of sideways just like the video I have then it would've been MORE impressive.

-End statement
gluv65  +   1767d ago
HeadTracking at E3 2010 33sec and 1:12mark
NJShadow  +   1767d ago
I'm not buying GT5 for the head-tracking anyway, so no loss for me.
Krugsy  +   1767d ago
Agree with you there dude. It's just one thing, and to be honest, I dont think its a major thing. They could remove it and I would probably still love the game.
J-Smith  +   1767d ago
n4g.com articles underwhelming

get ready for LOADS of GT5 hate coming soon on n4g.com & other so called gaming sites. it will happen even if a game is perfect. its so predictable this site.

anyway DAY 1 buy for me
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Xx Ziyad xX  +   1767d ago
N4G full of SONY FAN and hate FORZA 3 .. will Admit this will never happen
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Silly gameAr  +   1767d ago
Been seeing a healthy amount of that fanboy that doesn't exist on N4G lately. :/
RememberThe357  +   1767d ago
The head tracking sucks?
That's it, I'm canceling my pre-order right now! Talk about a deal breaker, why else would I buy GT5?

Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1767d ago
LOL @ sony fanboys who can't take any honest criticism. You kids are so sensitive. :)
RememberThe357  +   1767d ago
What did you say?!
Screw you!

gijsbrecht  +   1767d ago
Poseidon  +   1767d ago
Halo3 MLG Pro
sensitive huh? halo is overrated, bet ill get dissagrees from the people who are ""non sensitive"" lol
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thereapersson  +   1767d ago
Why are you in here, MLG?
You don't own a PS3. Are you here to make a scene of yourself, as you normally do?
Keyop  +   1767d ago
Head tracking in GT5 will be a bit of a gimmick really, it's pretty obvious that a small movement of your head will have to be emphasised on screen else you would be turning away from the screen too far.

What they really need in the box is a harness for your shoulders and a 22inch hd monitor hanging in front of you so as you turn you are still looking directly at the screen and the tracking works perfectly!

Or perhaps you just enjoy the game for what it is and go and have a shedload of fun playing it!
Xx Ziyad xX  +   1767d ago
head tracking loool !! so when i will move my head lift to see cars behind me how i can see the TV ?
redsquad  +   1767d ago
So one thing is "underwhelming", yet that one thing is what gets the headline?
Sad, but utterly predictable...
OneShotThrill  +   1767d ago
Who the f@*k cares.......
peeps  +   1767d ago
people who wanna use it? what a stupid question
labaronx  +   1767d ago
meh.... No 3d tv until mid 2011 means no big deal for me
"It's not easy finding a chink in the armour of Gran Turismo 5. The game is looking incredible - and early reports of its 3D capabilities do nothing to dispute its claim to be The Greatest Racing Game Ever."

I guess i have to wait for my copy of the magazine to here about the positive stuff in it....
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hi2  +   1767d ago
so according to this article
200 cars have cockpit view,has this been confirmed or what?
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1767d ago
that's how it works in english speaking countries
where microsoft can clearly use their *advertising fed* game sites to counter and discredit sony and the ps3.doesn't work anywhere else.

we know that it's not the final build.

we know it doesn't release until november.

we know that kaz and crew have never let GT fans down on content and features.since GT5 is sony's biggest game,you will see total nonsense from sites and microsoft until its release.it's why it's so one sided in america and UK.

forza has many issues but was not called on it at all.

crackdown2 not being new or innovative,gears of war one and two having clear online issues,halo3 not even hitting 720p or even looking next gen,odst being a $60 dollar rip off map pack and fable never delivering on peter's promises.

nope.microsoft gets passes because of marketing dollars.FREE PASSES.while sony has to go the extra mile to just get an *8* out of 10.

but i will say this,when GT5 releases,microsoft controlled websites and forza fans will shut their mouths come november.we all know it.so don't even worry about the nonsense.just let it roll off your back.sony has time and again,shut their face from the console to the graphics to the games winning awards.

just roll on......
peeps  +   1767d ago
Hope they get it fixed. I intend on buying move so will have a pseye so would be cool if i could use this feature
IRetrouk  +   1767d ago
i have the opm here and what he says is at the moment even if you turn your head just a little it goes to the side window view, there dosnt seem to be much looking around at the min but that it is still work in progress and that it shud be fixed for final release, tbh though will you use it, i know i probs wont, cant wait for this game.
YoungKingDoran  +   1767d ago
as opposed to all the games with kick ass head tracking
Letros  +   1767d ago

Good example of it here, possibly the person using it for GT5 just didn't know what they were doing...
awesomeperson  +   1767d ago
It could probably be worked on, but is it a big deal if the head tracking is a bit off? No.

What next, some one will complain theres no hot chicks to start the race?
gluv65  +   1767d ago
I have video of Head Tracking
It looks pretty good to me, I don't know what the OPM talking about.

In this video a Sony Producer is showing head tracking working in GT5 at the 33sec and 1:13 mark its looks pretty cool. I just wish in the design meeting they would have went the Dr. Marks method of lean left or right, instead of turning your head left or right. Reason being, I can still with lean as the method keep my eye on the screen. Turning the head is a natural thing to do but it also takes your eyes off the screen to the point of using your peripheral as a field of view.

Yangus  +   1767d ago
Gran Turismo 5 head-tracking<<Gran Turismo 5 Dynamic weather system&40+tracks.
Revvin  +   1767d ago
As someone who has used head tracking for many years on the PC thanks to various versions of the popular TrackIR system I know it only works properly if you set it up properly.

From the description of the motion given in the article it sounds like they didn't have the camera lined up with the user properly. This happens with my TrackIR if I don't have my seat raised so that the sensor in my TrackIR is not aligned with the vector clip on my baseball cap. It gives you motion but its all over the place.

Lets wait and see what happens when gamers have it set up properly in their homes.
Spenok  +   1766d ago
Meh, i wont be playing the game anyways. Not to mention how would this make the game better anyways?

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