UT3 on PS3: Keyboard and Mouse Support Re-Confirmed

Mark Rein have confirmed today that, the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 2003 will support keyboard and Mouse. He is confident that it will be balanced and it won't feel gimped.

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JsonHenry3972d ago

Awesome! Even though I will not be getting for the PS3 (the PC version FTW!!) I am SUPER happy about the PS3 supporting a keyboard and mouse setup.

Now if I can just get microsoft to pull their heads out of their asses and support K&M for games like Command and Conquer I will be a very happy man.

Marceles3972d ago

Very nice, that would be funny if Sony re-released the playstation mouse

Kleptic3972d ago

haha i remember that thing...I was like 12 when I got my first PS a little after it launched...and i thought it was awesome that it had a available mouse (the picture was on the box)...

didn't only one game use that thing? I thought it was some kind of music thing, and you needed the mouse to do something...a friend of mine actually bought that thing, and needless to say he was a bit upset at the fact that it did...well...absolutely nothing...

warfed3972d ago

Unreal Tournament 2003?

Hatchetforce3972d ago

Well when you steal a story someone else tipped it happens.

Omegasyde3972d ago

Yea I thought it was PSN release for a second.

razer3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

So doesn't really mean squat to me. Nice to see the support though I guess. MS really needs to open up and allow people to use a Mouse(they already support keyboard) so they have that option as well. MS is concerned about balance, yet Sony seems to take a who cares approach and leaves it up to the devs. For Shadowrun on the 360 the PC players get their ass handed too them more so than not and complain that keyboard people have to be gimped. Expect a ton of complaints and low review scores if that balance isn't perfect.

MarioFromTexas3972d ago

I don't really like Mouse and Keyboard either but alot of people do and they let you turn the option off where you dont' have to play with someone using a K/M....way to go Sony for giving options to your fans

Kleptic3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

a "who cares approach"...haha...

So you think that MS is taking a "concern about balance" approach with their hardware? changing standard protocols for PC accessories, despite using a USB 2.0 connection...So people look at a 360, and read the specs, and say "2 USB ports...awesome"...only to find out that basically nothing without the Xbox logo on it works with the console...

Epic said that the function of the keyboard and mouse could be turned off on the if you only want to play people with a can...if you only want to play people with M/ can...

This game gets some really funny reactions from the xbox crowd...First it was "Epic stabbed us in the back"...then it was "well we don't really care about user generated content anyway...XBL rulez...lets go get drunk..."...and now its "We don't like using a K/M"...never admitting that all of these features at least do not hurt the game...if this stuff was also coming to the 360, people wouldn't be like "that sucks...I am not buying it now"

gEnKiE3972d ago

Im loving this game more and more everytime i hear about it and i was excited when i seen the first screen shot of it...

Whoooop3972d ago

The only way I would've consider this game was if they supported mouse and keyboard.

This game is way too fast to be played with analogs IMO, besides FPS's always feel much better with M&K.

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The story is too old to be commented.