Bungie Weekly Update: 08/03/07

Some updates on co-op, Amsterdam, and the Bungie AV Calibration tool. Enjoy - it's on the house.

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killercam193943d ago

the guy in the costume = HOMO

MoonDust3943d ago

He does look know...

Lakuspakus3943d ago

Lol, agree on the guy in the costume = HOMO, and his costume sucked :P

But this game is getting better and better every day, i can feel it ^^
Video and Audio calibration tool as well? Bloody Brilliant!

killercam193943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Penut butta jelly time,Penut butta jelly time,Penut butta jelly time,Penut butta jelly time,Penut butta jelly time, its gonna be that good my friend

FeralPhoenix3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Here are a few highlights from the article:

"You can play two player split-screen co-op for a single Xbox 360 – and yes, you can play online or System Link co-op against another split-screen setup for a total of four players, two Xbox systems. You can also combine a split-screen with two single players over Live or System Link."

In reference to the "AV calibration tool"

"Well, simply put, it’s a 360 app that helps you tune your TV to best display Halo 3."

"The process is seated firmly in the Halo universe – basically, Sgt. Johnson appears and guides you through a number of tests and retests."

"These standards are as close to objective and “correct” as is possible to achieve, but again, the nature of this kind of calibration is by its nature, subjective."

"However, we’ve had them independently tested and verified by industry experts, so the settings, if correctly adjusted, should make Halo 3 and everything else you watch on an HD set, look better."

"A simple audio test follows, which basically lets you make sure your 5.1 speakers are at least wired correctly. This is an upgraded version of the olde surround sound test. No more wondering whether your right rear is actually wired left rear. A Grunt makes it all perfectly clear…"

"One other item to note – more advanced visual settings can be reached by using a blue filter that we’ll make available at the Bungie store. This is basically just a dumb piece of transparent blue plastic, but it will help tremendously when making very fine scale adjustments. We’ll try to make sure it’s priced fairly. More information on that later."

-Great info.

Lakuspakus3943d ago

Looking forward to tuning down the Lightness on my screen till i can hear Sgt. Johnsson saying "Hey, i Can't se myself in the mirror" :P


MoonDust3943d ago

Just a little bit longer.

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