id Reveals Rage, Implies PS3, 360 and PC Versions

The new property id Software executives have repeated hinted towards is named Rage, co-founder and programmer John Carmack revealed at today's QuakeCon festivities.

"Everybody knows we're going to do a good job with the run and gun action stuff...but we are branching out," explained Carmack, who noted id's love for Road Warrior-esque atmosphere.


Speaking to a small collection of game journalists, Hollenshead explained that Rage was a deliberate departure from the corridor shooters that made id famous. Its gameplay will be "60 percent shooting and 40 percent driving" between villages in a postapocalyptic wasteland. Its setting will be a far future which has seen civilization decimated after a comet smashes into the Earth. Players will aid the villages' inhabitants in fighting both an oppressive regime and various mutants and monsters roaming the wasteland.

See the GameSpot link below for more details.

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RadientFlux3919d ago

Great news with ID's new engine there should be no problem having this game running on both the x360 and ps3

Douche3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Don't negative feedback me or disagree please, I'm just stating the facts. There's been a lot of stir in the most recent discussions of formats. Will this be the start of multi-disk games for the 360? I remember playing MGS on PS1 and having to do that. I personally didn't have to much problems with it. Then again, that was one of the very few games I played on the PS1 that wasn't sports-related. The only problem presently is that devs usually look at storage problems as a major issue now. Games have sometimes been put only on the PS3 solely because of that. One example is Heavenly Sword which originally was gonna be on the Xbox. Reminder, spreading the facts. I kinda respect ID, though, for looking past this issue so that all audiences are able to enjoy what they have to offer. And to top it off, they announced that the game will play exactly the same on each hardware. That sounds good to me. Hope everyone gets what they expect of this.

DTClown3919d ago

Nice. How seamless of an experience is THAT going to be for xbox users when they have to switch discs!

RadientFlux3919d ago

well it didn't bother me back when I was playing PS and PS2 games, so why would it bother me now.

Close_Second3919d ago

Why is it when a piece of good news comes out for gamers that some drop kick like you has to come along and paint a negative slant on it for one system or another.

Why don't you f**k off and go play with your sister.

riqued3919d ago

Because it's just the beginning, game size will continue to increase to the point where you will have more than 2 disc for a single game.
It will bother you to have 4 discs when you could have just one.

ShiftyLookingCow3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

lets break this up, 2 DVDs and a Blu-ray. There is surely going to be a PC version on a DVD. There is going to be a 360 version on a DVD and then there is going to be a PS3 version on a BD. Its going to be seamless for all. Disagree all you want, I dont give a damn

illizit3919d ago

Because now they actually come with wireless controllers. I don't want to get off my couch/bed and swap disks anymore. Yes I'm that lazy.
And how would anyone knows its coming on 360? Two DVD's can mean PC

RadientFlux3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

everyone is assuming that since one of the main selling point in ID's new engine is that it will run on a PC/X360/PS3 that ID's next project will be on each console.

thankfully I am not that lazy, besides usually when I game is separated to multiple discs you really only have to switch discs once or twice.

and riqued it will not bother me, you are talking to someone who played wing commander 4 (it came on 7 CDs)

ShiftyLookingCow3919d ago

lmao id making an exclusive for PS3 after what Carmack said, besides he no longer harbors the same opinion about DirectX as he used to. If its coming to PS3, its coming to 360, id is in for the money. I will get the PC version.

ShiftyLookingCow3918d ago

I was wrong about 2 DVDs meaning 360 and PC, instead of 2 disks each. PS3 has the upper hand here. But if you read 1up interview, Carmack said "With this game and this engine, we have one set of data assets (textures and such). You're able to see right away if, for example, if the damn PS3 version isn't working [Carmack and other members of id continue to gripe about the wasted RAM overhead involved with a PS3 game].". So I guess id is not going to play favorites with consoles.

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MK_Red3919d ago

Awesome news. While BlizzCon disappointed me with ne Diablo 3, QuakeCon delievered with all new Rage. A new IP, a new engime, a new chance to make something as good as Doom. Cant wait.

DaEnforcer3919d ago

Poor xbots, MS fooled you, they said "Sony is forcing an unproven format on gamers. DVD9 is this gen enough." but in reality it is "MS is forcing an outdated format on gamers. DVD9 is not enough" haha go home xbots with your 3FixMe equipped with a last gen drive haha