QuakeCon 07: id's catalog full Steam ahead

Another major player in the gaming industry has signed onboard Valve's service. During a keynote address at QuakeCon today, id CEO Todd Hollenshead revealed that his company's entire lineup of games through Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil would be available on Steam as of today, and will be compatible with all Windows operating systems, including Vista.

Beginning with id's first game, Commander Keen, the games slated to appear include other notables from the Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein series, as well as less well-known games such as Rescue Rover and Hovertank 3D. While the games can be purchased individually, a bundle package containing id's entire lineup is also available for $70.

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GnaM3916d ago

If I lose my CD for Doom or Quake I can just get it off of steam instead of searching for some old copy on Amazon or ebay.

Charlie26883916d ago


I wonder how do they run since Steam says they are XP and Vista compatible? maybe a built in DOS emulator?

60 bucks (with the offer) is a STEAL for so many good games :D