Heavenly Sword Date Officially Set

Get your blades sharpened as Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Heavenly Sword will hit shelves on September 12th. Developed by Ninja Theory and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3, the game is Sony's attempt at creating the equivalent of a summer blockbuster with extremely detailed cutscenes and action sequences that borrow style from martial arts films.

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LSDARBY3944d ago

Is this worldwide or what??????????

Bazookajoe_833944d ago

I hope it is but i have no idé..

Bebedora3944d ago

ya think? =D

It's not unusual if it did happend. But I am optimistic. The 12th or there about, come september, I'll be at the gates of GAME!

hotshot12373944d ago

i mean warhawk august 29th( although i think it will get delayed since no word from it)lair september 4th and then heavenly sword september 4th. thats alot of money 2 put into 1 week. but there probably tryna spread um out alittle so they dont have 2 compete against there own games

DiLeCtioN3944d ago

please let it be so cus this week hasnt been sound bad news everywhere

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The story is too old to be commented.