July 2007 Hardware sales breakdown.

As always DS is number one , the price cut did a really big impact on ps3 sales.The Numbers of PS3 sales:374290, not bad.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3944d ago

Didnt 360 enjoy its 1 year lead...yet still ps2 is a monster..and the psp is nintendos first real comp in the handheld department

tehcellownu3944d ago

Its goin to last a long time!! Games that will really push the PS3 this year!!

Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction
Heavenly Sword
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Unreal Tourment
Time Crisis

SOny is goin to be seein big sales this year...and next..the 360 will just continue to

N4Gworks4Sony3944d ago

the 360 is selling faster than the ps3, count the 'clicks' "read it and weap"
those are the real numbers,vgcharts is wrong

Panthers3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Enjoy the 360 lead while it lasts...

And I dont see how anyone can trust nextgenwars

360Sheep3944d ago

ahahahahaahahahaha... n4gworks3sony actually think every time the counter goes up on nextgenwars.. it means that a unit was sold.. ahahahaa.. yeah thats right, every cash register in the world is linked up to the nextgetwars site and when a 360 is sold, it updates the website.. ahahahah kids are too funny


Some times you could see the numbers DECREASING in nextgenwars... I think what could that be? More a 360 with RROD?

Sorry... I really have to... Couldn't control.

May I do a "NextGenWarsWorks4MS" ; user? No, I think it would be too stupid... Who would think something THAT stupid?

Rageanitus3944d ago

Ill enjoy it while it lasts.......... till the next gen :)

the ps3 is actually doing quite well for an "expensive" conosle. Plus they have competition from all fronts including their ps2

And for a product that has a few games at the moment, I would say its doing quite fine.

KnowitAll3944d ago

Hahahahahhahahahahahahhaahha he actually things nextgenwars are the real numbers!!hahahahahahhahahahaha hhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha haha hahahahhaahhah Weres the comparasing? How many more xbox360 were sold this month than ps3? Nexgen is just a stupid site with extimates or counters. They get the credit from the companies(which is bull just to make themselves look good). For example if Nintendo said they sold 20 million wiis this year nexgen would believe that(its how stupid that guy is).

Don't forget its his extimates too. I can also make a site and put Xbox 360 10-11 mill Wii 9-10 mill Ps3 3.5-4.5 mill. But if I like a system better I would offcourse make it look better.
Wii-9.5 mill
Xbox-10.5 mil
DS- 1 Trillion

Anyways was that a joke man? it has to be a joke? its a joke right?


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360Sheep3944d ago

haha woohoo... with no games, can't imagine the sales when we actually get a good game, sweet.

supnub53944d ago

can you not be fanboy, let everybody enjoy.Plus, MS couldn't take losing sony for a month and made a price cut, haha, now they're doing me-too strategy.stupid.

ReBurn3944d ago

A Microsoft price cut is less of a "me-too" strategy than it is a necessary price cut for hardware that's nearly two years old. Although I doubt you see sales increases for 360 like you did for PS3 until Halo 3 is released, and a lot of them will come from that really ugly Halo-edition box.

People can disparage Halo 3 all they want to, but that game is going to move systems. It will move more systems for Microsoft than any single title released this year will move systems for Sony.

supnub53944d ago

but, how do you come out like 2.2 0r 2.3,well you get me.

Mr_Kuwabara3944d ago

By replying to ones topic. Like I did to yours.

V2oom3944d ago

Dont abuse Power of Green and then come out with possibly the dumbest question i have ever read.

power of Green 3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I mean come on the 360 is days away fron its own real Price drop with the most wanted games in the industry on the way. Its not logical?.

Price and software are the thing the average consumer cares about not the status of Consoles lol.

The average person looks at the popular games.

80 gigs vs 120 gigs thats the selling point! both consoles can use after market extra's of sorts"(PS3 after market HDD's and 360's PC capabilities to use PC HDD's etc.) But the superficial selling points are not in Sony's favor. Trust me this PS3 clearance BULLSHIT will be an after thought at the end of this month.

Sony has already used up its leverage in 8 months normally used with Companies in a quarter to half a generation. You're welcome to check my post history and see how off i'v been in my predictions. lol

Bazookajoe_833944d ago

Little billy thompson 12 years old who lives down in texas?

Does The 360 have any exclusives? I mean real ones, thats not coming to pc?

Kyur4ThePain3944d ago

"Price and software are the thing"
"80 gigs vs 120 gigs thats the selling point!"
which is neither price related or software related.
Which is it? Price? Software? Hardware?

"both consoles can use after market extra's of sorts"(PS3 after market HDD's and 360's PC capabilities to use PC HDD's etc"

I must say, you did a worthy sidestep there...almost types yourself into corner once you realized there isn't really such a thing as an after market 360 HDD, just the one MS rapes your wallet with.

"But the superficial selling points are not in Sony's favor"

I have to agree with you on that one...the superficial advantages lie with the 360. The PS3's advantages are much deeper and much more useful.

Eagle Eye3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I dont understand your point. Most computers use Microsoft Windows.
Why would MS not wanna release some of its games to the PC platform?
And Mass Effect,Blue Dragon,Eternal Sonata, and Lost Odyssey are some exclusives only for the 360. Their I named a few for you. Happy now?

riqued3944d ago

The only two games I REALLY wanted on the 360 was Gears of Wars and Mass Effect.

I don't have a Xbox, but I can play Gears of War on a computer, and Mass Effect has some chance to come to PC too... So why would I buy an Xbox now?

I can have the PS3's amazing exclusives, and some of the Xbox "exclusives" too.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3944d ago

Only in North Amercia. And in Japan and Europe PS3 has been outselling 360 even without a price drop.

360Crusader3944d ago

Why should you buy a 360? Well hey if you dont really like any of their games then dont. You talk about PS3 amazing exclusives. Dont you like rpg's well I guess not. But the 360 is putting alot of hard work in that field. And I think they should be commended.

But hey if you dont like them types of games. Then their nothing anyone can say to convince you other wise. But I think the 360 got some great rpg's ( exclusive rpg's for the 360 ) coming out. And thats my favorite type of games. So I'll stick with my rpg's.

And another great rpg Mass Effect may come to the PC. ( MAYBE ) But I guess you can hope. But I'll be playing it on launch.

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