God of War: Betrayal Cell Phone Review

Is SOE betraying mobile gamers? reviews God of War: Betrayal for the cell phone and points out to gamers that there are at least two versions of this game.

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dale13556d ago

buy a decent phone razors are sh*t

supnub53556d ago

don't know why it's so popular.nuff said

MACHone3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I bought it for my RAZR and it's decent for just a mobile game. I had no idea there were two versions, but I still don't feel cheated; it's not like I buy mobile games for graphics anyway....

Actually, as I start to look into this issue, I'm not even sure how legitimate this review is. The review states that the official Betrayal website has screenshots only from the high-res version and that features such as "breaking walls" aren't included in the low-res version; HOWEVER, I do in fact own a version for the RAZR that's screenshots appear identical to the website's and the ability to break walls and such remains intact. What's up wit' dat?