PS3 Stranglehold To Be Region Free. Hard Boilded US Only

The moderator of official Stranglehold forums has announced the following:
"Midway has decided to make both the standard version and the North American Collector's Edition (with Hard Boiled on Blu-ray) of Stranglehold region free. Please be clear that the Collector's Edition with the movie is only available in North America, so if you live elsewhere, you'll have to buy it as an import. "

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MK_Red3766d ago

Awesome news. Now we can all enjoy the awesome HD Hard Boiled.

Barreldragon003766d ago

I have to say if it wasn't for Hard Boiled with the game i would not be this excited about the game.

LSDARBY3766d ago

It sucks that theyre only releasing it in the US, but i guess ill import if its any good

MK_Red3766d ago

The Hard Boiled movie is US only not the whole game. And "if its any good" applies for the game which is available everywhere.

The movie is US only and it is one of the best action movies ever (at least IMO).

tonsoffun3766d ago

I guess since that the special edition is US only, I'll have to import it.

that sucks man, but I am defo wanting this collectors edition.

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