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"Limbo is an incredible achievement. Very few games are as original, atmospheric, and consistently brilliant as Limbo. It belongs in everybody's collection. The journey may be over too quickly, but you will be entertained every minute. This is one of my favorite games ever."

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Omega42682d ago

Looks like another very solid exclusive XBLA game.

SillySundae2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Omega4 is happy!

What are your other fave XBLA games Omega?

Awesome_Face2682d ago

Another great title to the long list of great xbox exclusives. Next week, hydro thunder hurricane

OneSneakyMofo2682d ago

Dang. I wish I could play it, but my Xbox 360 died.

FanboyPunisher2682d ago ShowReplies(1)
slimy the g8ter2682d ago

yet u have to point that out to everyone.good god what a fanboy

-MD-2682d ago

Everybody disagreeing with Omega is upset that they don't have access to Limbo.


DatNJDom812682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

"Everybody disagreeing with Omega is upset that they don't have access to Limbo.


LOL. A good game is a good game so no disagree from me but, the thing is that this will be on PSN in about 9-15 months. Isn't that the average time it takes an 360 "exclusive" to go on PSN? Hehehe.......

Scotland-The-Brave2681d ago

Murderdolls is a whiny little man whore FACT

Shepherd 2142681d ago

When the hell did Geometry Wars or Shadow Complex ever go to PS3?

Denethor_II2681d ago

No, its because he's a colossal DICK!

gamertag: Denboy UK

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Esena2682d ago

Very solid looking game...just may have to get it!

Anon19742682d ago

I like everything's I've read about this game so far. I hadn't even heard of it until it launched.

Might have to fire up the ole Xbox and check this one out.

Spenok2682d ago

Every good review makes me more and more decided.

psman0122682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Agreed, looks awesome :D

vickers5002682d ago

Does anybody know why this game isn't on PSN or PC? Have the devs said why it's only on XBL?

psman0122682d ago

It WAS announced for PS3 and PC, but then cancelled? Something like that. Anyways, we NEED this on PS3!!

peeps2682d ago

I think it's a small team etc. Off the top of my head i think this as an idea that spawned years ago and they were finally able to create this game. Probably could only afford to develop for a single platform atm

Biggest2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Because XBL is the only place they felt deserved Limbo! /s

I am one of the jealous guys that wish this game was available for at least the PC. Maybe it'll make an appearance in pirated form. And it wasn't announced for PC/PS3. The ESRB rated it, but when the devs found out they promptly released a statement saying it would not be released this time around. They also requested the ESRB to remove the ratings.

abczby2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

The reason it was only on the Xbox 360 is because it started off as an Indie Xbox Live game but then became a full Xbox Live Arcade game once Microsoft saw how great it was looking (Microsoft then snatched the rights to it when it when it became a full XBLA game). The PlayStation 3 doesn't have it's own equivalent version of the Indie Arcade where anyone can create a game and add it to the marketplace if they want to and that's why they were unable to add it to PSN or the PC.

Its a shame though because I bet it would have sold well on all platforms and we could have also avoided all this rampant jealously from PlayStation fanboys. Every console has their own great exclusives. There is no need to flip out whenever one of them isn't on your favorite console. You guys really need to get a life.

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gypsygib2682d ago

Ugh, I can't believe I agree with Omega(fanboy) but I'm definitely getting this game.

Jinxstar2682d ago

I actually agree with you omega on this one. The imagery and music are pure delight. I just saw the Gametrailers review and it looks very cool. The only downfall I can see is the "pay to play" ratio as they said. "15$ for a 3 hour game with subsequent play troughs being just over an hour" However once it drops to 10$ I would say thats a steal. One of those games that kinda makes me wish I had a 360, Oh well... Not a big loss though imo. Sad to say it's the only 360 exclusive this year I actually want to play so far...

Darkstorn2682d ago

Hope this comes to PSN.

inception1232682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

it is kinda sad that the best 360 game in the past 2 years is a xbla game. well at least you got something to play and can dust off your 360s.

Kurt Russell2681d ago

Looks like a great game, but maybe a bit pricey... 800 Microsoft space bucks would sell it to me.

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Wizziokid2682d ago

Looks very nice, I'll have to try it out
but I'm still torn between this and Detahspank!

XBLA titles seem to be getting better.

Cheeseknight282682d ago

I wasn't aware that they needed to get better. If there's one thing that I can always use to justify a 360 purchase it's arcade games. The exclusive ones tend to be fantastic (Shadow Complex, Trials HD, Castle Crashers (For now), Geometry Wars 2, etc).

Fanb0y2682d ago

Last years' were better.

NeutralGamer2681d ago

You forgot Braid... Just because its not an exclusive its really worth mentioning..

table2682d ago

I hope this game comes to psn or steam like braid did.

table2682d ago

I hope this game stays exclusive to xbox live so that less people can play it

UnSelf2682d ago

thats what they wanna hear

Eamon2682d ago

Yeah, I'd definitely want this on Steam.

But it's made by Microsoft Game Studios, so I doubt it...

BeaArthur2682d ago

I've never been big into the arcade games but this one does sound really good.

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