Why is the Xbox 360 Still Outselling PS3 in North America?

PS3 Informer writes:

"Sony has had a tremendous year with its Playstation 3 console. Thanks to a renewed marketing push, a series of blockbuster exclusives and a very strong E3 conference, the company looks set to dominate retail once again in this console generation. But despite all of the great headlines, why do sales of the PS3 continue to lag behind Microsoft's arguably under-powered console?

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knightdarkbox2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Do you really think Americans buy on console's nationality? The reason is the 360 is cheap has a famous online service and lots of best exclusives in the market and multi-plats (Multiplat games tend to perform better in 360) that cater for both hardcore and casual markets.

Poseidon2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

1.360 had a headstart a whole year ahead of ps3 in america, one year and 6 months in europe.

2. the lead between the 360 was 8-9 million.

3. in 3 years the lead is 4-5 million.

who is outselling who?

FishCake9T42832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

@1 "lots of best exclusives"
It has one exclusive called Halo which a stereo-typical American gamer worships.

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Chubear2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

remember when the 360 got to the famous "10million mark! we win this gen!" spot and the PS3 was barely at 1mill? oh how I remember so many PS gamers ridiculed, mocked and banned from many gaming forums when we would say "just wait and see"

at this point in the PS2/Xbox competition, the had PS2 launched a year ahead of the xbox and had 5x more exclusives and games and sold 4x the # of units (E.g 2004 PS2 over 80mill sold/xbox just over 20mill sold)

Same situation this gen but with 360 launching 1yr-1.5yr ahead of the PS3 (4x less exclusives and 5mill units ahead instead of 60mill). The ship has sunk and the survivors are simply treading water to hold on a little longer; Let those with eyes see.

I_find_it_funny2832d ago

Because Americans are blinded by Halo and Gears?

Redrum0592832d ago

It's because many Americans fall for xboxlive Justin beiber Ads.
I hate Justin beiber.

StbI9902832d ago

Because the majority of americans which believe in microsoft are all sheeps...

Shame on me I bought an xbox, but I love it pro of being a sheep lol.

Cold 20002832d ago

Like a guy in the article said: simply because power isnt all that counts.Period.

Aquanox2832d ago

This has to be the poorest written article I had the pitty of reading in a while. The guy doesn't raise a single point, he only throws a couple of quotes and unsubstantial bold claims and finishes the article all of the sudden. Poor.

rockleex2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Lets pretend that Sony won't make a slimmer PS3 down the road to cut down costs even more.

Lets forget that the PS3 is currently the only console that DOESN'T have a $199 model.

Hideo_Kojima2832d ago

i know one thing...

offer me a 360S and double the number of games i have for my PS3 and all my games and I still won't take the deal...

Has it sold more... I dunno.

Would I rather have one?

Hell no.

alb18992832d ago

what about mass effect and gears of war........are this no good exclusive!

Awesome_Face2832d ago

Why? Because it is so much better. That's like saying why is the Zune selling more than an cassette player.

ShinMaster2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I've been enjoying the PS3 much more because it has many more things called GAMES!


Mmmkay2832d ago

mass effect and gears of war are great PC EXCLUSIVES...

see what I did there..

Boody-Bandit2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

In this horrible economy? Easy, price.

The PS3 has a base price MSRP of $299.99.
You can get a 360 unit under $200 with bundled games, controllers and other offers. Now that the S model launched you can get a 360 for $149. Some of which are in insane bundle deals where you are practically getting a 360 for free. Or content for free. <- take your pick.

I personally picked up 2 new arcade (Jasper) models from Walmart December 09. If you take away the gift card and all the games and content it came with (additional controller, XBL Gold, games) I only paid $24 dollars for the 360.

But I am sure people will just htink I am trolling just like when I said I purchased 8 360 units this generation, still currently own 5 and provided a picture for proof.

Here I will do it again.

I have said it before this generation even got off that the sweet spot is $199. Some say Sony can't afford to hit that price in 2010. I think they will. Although GT5 will give Sony a significant boost at the end of 2010 so they could easily hold off till next year. Sony has always said this is a marathon not a sprint. They are not in this to appease fanboys. They are in it to make money.

Anon19742832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I was hoping to read some insight into why North America the 360 is still able to outsell the PS3 while the rest of the world board the PS3 train long ago, but there is no such insight here. I've only got the one bubble so I won't be able to take part in any debate that goes on, but I'd love to read some of your serious thoughts as to why the US still sticks behind the 360. I'm an older Canadian gamer and I don't really know anyone personally with a 360. The people I talk to are also just as mystified as I am as to why the 360 still sells in the US.

36T2832d ago

Darkride. You're a canadian gamer and you don't know anybody with a 360? lmao! You must not have very many friends my man. If the rest of the world is boarding the PS3 train i would love for you to PM me a link please. You ask for insight as to why the 360 is selling more in America and then go on to talk BS without providing your own. The people you talk to are your two imaginary friends that sit on each of your shoulders telling you what you want to hear. The US sticks to buying the 360 because it's better. It doesn't get much more complicated then that. You want reasons? Do a damn survey.

MysticStrummer2832d ago

Nevermind those statistics. The world is not the world... or something. As someone below said, "the market has spoken". Yes... yes it has, and it continues to speak. You can't talk about sales numbers and ignore the vanishing lead. You just can't. Sorry. I can read these comments for days, hearing about the superiority of the 360 and XBL, but it doesn't change what happened with every single one of my friends. They couldn't wait to get PS3s so they got 360s. Now none of them have 360s. They all have PS3s, they are all happy with the switch, and none of them think XBL is worth paying for. Mind you, these are gamers in their 20s and 30s with plenty of disposable income. The biggest factor going for the 360 in the US is preteen/teen peer pressure. That one year head start, combined with the PS3's launch price and peer pressure, meant that the next waves of people who bought new consoles went with the 360 for the most part. Another culprit was the general lack of quality PS3 exclusives during the first year or so of it's existence, so then you had the cheaper price, peer pressure, and more games factors going for the 360. Last but not least is the misguided patriotism of Americans. They would rather buy an inferior product from a US based company. Once the PS3 began to have demonstrably better exclusives, along with multiplats that for the most part have to be compared side by side to see a difference, along with price drops, along with the features that made it better all along, it started to sell better in the US. The peer pressure and misguided patriotism factors are still there though.

sikbeta2832d ago

x360 sales are cos:

1· Hardware problems
2· Piracy
3· Ban-waves
4· lower price

The "gap" is because:

1· it has 1 year in the market alone + 6 months in Europe
2· it has a lower price considering it's an HD-console
3· in the beginning is wasn't a "3 years warranty" so people who got f*cked up, needed to bought another x360 or even more than [1] and MS don't give you a "3 years warranty" cos they're the Goods, a class action was in the corner, so they had to implement it to avoid the lawsuits
4· Piracy is rampant, smart pirates have [2] x360, one for playing on-line and a moded one to play illegal copies DD from Thepiratebay and other P2P "services"
5· dumb pirates are cheap enough to play on-line with their modded consoles, so when ban-waves screw-up their consoles, they don't have other choice than buy a new x360, they're not going to switch to other Console brand knowing they already DD loads of illegal games and the other HD-Console = The PS3 CAN'T be pirated

It's just a matter of time for the "gap" to disappear, the FIRST step without of doubts is GT5, after that, Sony can lower the Price and a PS3 @ $200 will be unstoppable...

DERKADER2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

They're out in full force. They don't even know how stupid they sound when they try and argue this meaningless article that has no impact on gaming what so ever.


pain777pas2831d ago

The truth is at retail you were discouraged from the retailers that there was nothingto play on the PS3 and should not be purchased. Many were told this especially at Gamestop. It may seem minor but word can travel and the American industry was exclaim this from every site. This was tacticle brainwashing 101 now we have fanboy zombies all over the place. Love games and get over the hardware debate. PS3 is for me for its well rounded lineup. The problem is that the only games that 360 had at that time was Gears and Oblivion. The latter was a launch title and arguably still the best RPG this gen. Nothing to play? They played down Resistance only to turn around and praise it for its at the time large multiplayer battles. The PS3 was undermined by the media even till this day but now what do you see? The PS3 is a price drop away from domination. The industry refuses to say that they were wrong not knowing that publishers did not release games on the PS3 because there was a line drawn that in America we'll do as the Japanese have always done ignore "foreign" hardware. The truth is how many of us avoid tons of American tech because they don't make quality products starting with motor vehicles. Look 360 was a bad deal from the beginning so many add-ons, hidden fees for basic functionality, and buying exclusives like GTA 4 and FF13. If your a former PS2 guy and now an Xbox fan you were bought. We all have a price.

morkendo2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

@ darkrider66
I live in north america none of my friends own a 360 niether do I. as you said I dont understand why more U.S. gamers not owning a ps3 yet is beyond me???

tordavis2831d ago

Sega Dreamcast had a year head start too. What happened after PS2 came out? It completely outsold the installed base of the Dreamcast.

IHateYouFanboys2831d ago


in the USA, the 360s lead over the PS3 has INCREASED since the PS3 launched, so the whole 'headstart' thing holds no merit.

the 360 outsells the PS3 in the USA because, like knightdarkbox said, it offers the consumers what they want at a lower price than the competition. online gaming is huge in the US, and Live is a better system than the PSN. every game uses the integrated Live features for invites and chat, and it all works as it should. theres also more people playing online on the 360, and more of them have headsets.

believe it or not, the majority of game players dont care if the PS3 plays blu-ray movies, or if game X is "only" 715p instead of 720p, or how many jiggawatts sony say the Cell is capable of spitting out. they care about the games, and the price. and with 99% of the games being on both consoles, and one console being $100 cheaper, they choose the cheaper console.

the reality is that for this generation, the USA has spoken about which console is the winner to them - its the 360. the PS3 is not going to overtake the 360 in america. 4 years in and the 360 is still increasing its lead.

and look, even though the PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide, its not doing it at a fast enough rate to rattle microsoft. its pulled back, what, 4 million in 4 years? not exactly quick. maybe in another 3-4 years it will overtake the 360 worldwide, but by then we'll be on the 360s successor and not giving 2 $hits what the 360 and PS3 are doing.

badz1492831d ago

u do know the difference between the DC and 360, right? the biggest problem with DC at that time was no EA support and EA was the biggest publisher at that point of time! and DC was supposedly hard to developed for and it uses the nontraditional CD format but the 360 is "easy" to developed for based on what most devs said and uses the conventional DVD. this is the other reason 360 =/= DC.

OT, the article is utterly useless as no valid point was raised with proof. for me personally, 360 offers the best deal and XBL is in full force in NA with lots and lots of contents offering unlike XBL in other countries although they all basically paying the same! so, Americans get the most of the annual fee of $50 compared to other gamers overseas maybe except Japan but we know it's not selling too well over there. the same can be said with PSN but hey, it's a free service so, although I'm not from NA, I'm not complaining.

Dee_912831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

You know .. the things companies use to sell their products?

turn on tv and compare the amount of xbox360 commercials to ps3 commercials .. the only playstation related commercials lately are the Step you game up " ones which are psp

i see new multiplat games coming soon commercials with a x box symbol at the end of the commercial on almost 80% of them

xbox have good marketing

has nothing to do with with the xbox "offering more " than the ps3 because it can only take a quick google search to know which one offer the most

memots2831d ago

About those 10 years old on xbox live. What i find the most shocking is when all these kids are playing Rated M games..

Then we wonder why this nation is going down the drain....

BWS19822831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Thank you for providing me with that stark reminder of why the rest of the world hates me simply for being an American, your predominantly pretentious post does nothing to rid the world of that stereotype. Thanks a million.

You don't speak for me, and I bought a PS3 FIRST, long ago, and because it WAS cheaper, for what I needed to get. I liked its games more. I liked its features more. And I didn't want to deal with RRoD crap. Not worth my time: Time is money, again, financial reasons.

I WANTED blu-ray, I wanted "jiggawatt" output (really dude?)...You can talk about you and the statistical majority, or you and your circle of friends, but cut the crap about "America wants this" and "America has spoken"...Your the last guy I'd vote for in any sort of election. Denied.

America most often has a "go with what is popular" mechanism in place (iPod, the Wii, SUV's, etc..) and because 360 kicked off this gen and kicked it cheaper, it's been a snowball effect since. Word of mouth. "so and so has Live" and "I can play with all my friends, they have LIVE" and "mommy, Timmy has a 360, I want one". It's also, as mentioned a little above, a huge factor of marketing. MS markets the HELL out of the 360 here in "the homeland" and until a couple months ago, I saw 1 PS3 commercial. Ever. Nobody knows about a product that gets little to no exposure.

Unfortunately, a final factor was that the PS3 launch here had a lot of people in the US badmouthing Sony and the PS3. You will still find people who still think the PS3 costs "like $400 or something" and "has no games" because the MS/fanboy propaganda has taken hold and won't let go. They don't shut up. This contagious "stifled-info-effect" ; also applies to PSN (and PS3's features --web browser, interchangeable HDD, built-in WiFi, etc...), even though it's free, few people know that, or know it's bare but functional for online gaming. It's all about misinformation (and Sony is partly to blame for that lack of marketing, they should have gotten word out long ago here before this snowball started rolling)...Misinformation: It is an incurable disease and it's gross.

Again, speak for yourself, speak for your circle of friends, or even speculate on the majority (the numbers don't lie, yes, America more often chooses the 360)...but DON'T speak for all of us. You will never have that right.

IHateYouFanboys2831d ago

@BWS1982: "Again, speak for yourself, speak for your circle of friends, or even speculate on the majority (the numbers don't lie, yes, America more often chooses the 360)...but DON'T speak for all of us. You will never have that right."

get off your high horse buddy.

i CAN speak for the majority of video game players in america becuase like you even acknowledge, the numbers dont lie. America has chosen the 360, not the PS3. im not speaking for you, or little timmy next door, or jane over the road - im speaking about America as a county. the country that has bought 20 million 360s compared to 12 million PS3s.

go whinge to someone else about not wanting to be grouped with the rest of the country, i dont care. youre part of the country that sells more 360s than PS3s every month, so when talking about that countries preference in game consoles, you are included.

BWS19822831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

and apparently you didn't.

You have to reread your comment, you spoke for "America" not a majority. NOT the same, can you not see that?

A majority is not an entirety. It's very simple. Stop blurring that line and complaining that I'm pointing to its existence.

You can speak for some majority, you can utter all the stats you want, but you're lying to yourself if you think I'm alone. You put count of it up yourself: 12 million. As long as you realize there's a majority and not an entirety, that's all this is about. I don't think you are aware of how absolute your previous post was.

Go reread it if you want. Broad-sweeping comments like yours are how stereotypes get started. So whatever "whinging" is, I doubt I'm doing it. I'm correcting you and denying you the right to talk for those 12 million. Speak for the 20 million. And then realize you have an oxymoron of a username, seeing as how self-hatred could be present, I see no sense of neutrality or even preference. Your comment is pure fanboyism. If you hate them (like I do, which is why your previous post set me off) then you'd realize all the consoles have something to offer in some fashion. I'm not sure why you have such a degree of unnecessary resolve if you hate fanboys. You are virtually pushing FUD about the consoles in your first post with blanket statements and Sony insults. I don't really get that one.

You're not just lumping me into your supposed collective whole in this country-- you're lumping 12 million in, a gross error in persuasion tactics. That's more than just a few off.

boopis2831d ago

BWS, there is seriously a screw loose somewhere in your head.

BWS19822831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I explained myself rationally. I don't like being lumped into someone's imaginary group so they can spread FUD. You can call that crazy, but that's fairly normal.

Edit: I just read even more comments in this section below. I'm in alignment with almost all the sentiments here that speak about the US. How would you like to be stereotyped simply by your geographical location? It's bull and you know it. I never saw the level of hatred for Americans I've seen in the last 3 years on this site, and that genius above me simply adds "bring it on, we're all like this!" to the fray and you think all of us are okay with that? I think not.

NinjaAssassin2831d ago

Except he never said anything bad that would give any reason to hate Americans. Even if he said something you disagree with, it isn't a reason to hate all Americans. I don't hate people from any country, even when I read stupid comments from some people from other countries. Some of these people seem arrogant and filled with hatred, but that doesn't make me prejudiced against all people from those countries. There are good and bad people in all countries.

The problem as I see it is that you are such a big PS3 fanboy that you take offense at what he said even though he didn't say anything that was inflammatory. He simply stated his opinion, and then mentioned that the US in general has chosen the 360 over the PS3 this generation. Which is factual. Just as they chose the PS2 over the Xbox and Gamecube last generation.

Then you come along and you start insulting Americans, making absurd claims about how we're all sheep (except smart PS3 fanboys like yourself, of course). But none of your arguments make sense. People say that Americans buy the 360 just because it is made by an American company, but you are apparently completely oblivious to the fact that the Wii is a Japanese product and the PS2 and PS1 were also Japanese products that sold extremely well in America.

Some of you are so arrogant that you can't stand that somebody would have a different preference than you.

Sez 2831d ago

I agree with you on that point. Power isn't what matter if this was the case the ps2 wouldn't have sold as well as it did. Being the the xbox/gamecube were more powerful than the ps2. Yet they both sold less than the ps2 because sony got all the games for the ps2.

Here another fact. No system that claimed it had the most power than the consoles currently selling has won a gen. Look at neogeo,turbographix 16, linx,ect. Look a wii which is the weaker system. See how well it sells not because of power or graphics.

BWS19822831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

than you all, then. But you can think what you like of what you feel you're observing. But just know I know myself and the crap I've seen here for 3 years more than a lot of people seem to. I've seen the utter disdain for Americans here (and I'm not badmouthing our country, but we tend to follow trends--see what I did? I said "tend to", that's how you state a majority), and the way I see his post, he fueled that by his disposition. People are allowed to enjoy what choice they make, you can pull up my hundreds of comments over 42 months here to see that I stand by that philosophy.

I NEVER said he can't have an opinion. Ever. He wasn't stating a preference, he was making bold, sweeping comments he finds factual. That's the end of it, and if you are shaking your head at that scroll up.

If you knew anything about me, you'd know I myself can't stand fanboys, which is why his post upsets me (the one I don't think people are realizing I'm talking about). He fuels anti-Americanism (IMO) and he is a 360 fanboy in that he has an agenda. He's lying about other people's opinions, initially ignoring millions of people who may prefer PS3 and saying "the US does this"...I'm sorry, but he went to an extreme to smear and prove his point (and choice) and I spoke up.

Trust me, I have a 360 and have 14 games for it, many times I love playing on that over my PS3, I just chose PS3 first for a purchase because of reliability and its cost (it was cheaper as PS3 included things I wanted). I even want a Wii, too, I just don't have the time yet to factor in a third console (on top of my PC).

Look, I never said anything about 360 being a US product, that wasn't in my argument. I really don't think people get the point, and I don't think people are reading his or my posts. He didn't simply state a preference or speak to a majority (at one point he did, but initially a lot of his comment indicates an entirety), he went off into absolution territory with all or nothing remarks and then back-peddled. I'm not sure where people are missing that. It's right above these posts as his one of two posts.

I think people can have what sentiments they want about each console, and people are allowed to assume things about me (I don't like it, but I can't control that), but I won't stand around idly while the image of my country is further tarnished with misinformation or stereotypes being perpetuated. I'm human, I'm flawed, but I'm reading his first post the only way I still see it, it's inflammatory because he is declaring a false fact in a pompous way. Perhaps he worded it wrong and other people are reading it how he thinks. I read it in simple, cut and dry terms, that he initially stated with "all" and "no one" terms. You can think what you like about me, or my life or gaming preferences, but with respect, I think I have that area covered better.

For all it's worth, I regret speaking up simply because no one is seeing what I'm seeing, save that one agreer, apparently. That's common for this site, though. I really don't get it, this site has been a joke when it comes to rational thinking sometimes, and anti-Americanism has been one of the strongest revelations I've encountered. You seem level headed, so please, reread his post, read some of my past comments, you'll see my only intent was to clarify and speak up from that "12 million" because they exist, even though I'm also part of that 20 million too (not a fanboy). If you still find it to be in order, I can't help that, but I had my reasons and I'm tired of being spoken for by misrepresentations. Now, with no more bubbles, I have my views and others have theirs, so, stalemate, I suppose...

EVILDEAD3602831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I'm from the US..own all systems and own over 100 games for the 360.

This topic comes up all the time and as you can see from level of response it is still as heated as ever.

You have people that hate the success of the 360 so much, that they resort to insulting the country and it's people.

Some of the rationalization is simply laughable at best..

No matter how you spin it..the numbers don't lie..Micrsoft has had great success with it's second console.

When NPD #s are released they say the US does not = the world..but what they don't also want to believe is the internet fankid war does not = reality when you log off

The 360 had an uphill battle to win the hearts of gamers and it delivered..

The FPS genre is the #1 console genre by far this gen..this is mainly due to the genre busting sucess of Halo and Halo 2

But, Halo 3 was only part of the was games like Gears of War, GRAW, Call of Duty 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, F.E.A.R...that were exclusive or led on the 360 that started the snowball rolling

Xbox Live price is all the 360 naysayers complain about..but 360 owners turned gaming over live into a lifestyle..

On the internet games like Halo 3 are the most popular games to bash by PS3 owners..but the reality...millions of gamers put astronomical numbers over LIVE into that game alone..

Why..because it's FUN..the one equation missing from the delusional hate..people love gaming on the 360 because they have fun doing it

LIVE..The controller..the achievements..the price..the community..all all factors for the 360 success in the US

But, the funny part is if you look at the Worldwide numbers..the biggest difference is simply Japan. The 360 sales is competative everywhere else in the world.

So before the scratch their heads bashing the US..tell em' to look into their own backyard..especially when we know that 99% of these people spending most of their internet lives bashing the 360 arent Japanese..

Gaming Life is matter what console you own these days


EVILDEAD3602831d ago

I hate to jump in..but you going nuts about his comment is exactly opposite of what you are pretending to portray..

The article is from a PS3 site asking about why the 360 is outselling the US in North America..

IHATE responded directly to a post by an earlier comment..

He spoke on what he felt the majority of American gamers believe..contradicting points about sales and that we gamers only care about power etc..

That post never claimed to talk for the PS3 owners in America...

But BWS got mad and said:

'If you knew anything about me, you'd know I myself can't stand fanboys, which is why his post upsets me (the one I don't think people are realizing I'm talking about). He fuels anti-Americanism (IMO) and he is a 360 fanboy in that he has an agenda. He's lying about other people's opinions, initially ignoring millions of people who may prefer PS3 and saying "the US does this"...I'm sorry, but he went to an extreme to smear and prove his point (and choice) and I spoke up.'

The funny part about it is that BWS1982 conviently gets 'upset' at a comment that had nothing to do with Anti-americanism or was it even close to being extreme...

But he said nothing about these comments that came before IHATE

'It has one exclusive called Halo which a stereo-typical American gamer worships.'

'Because Americans are blinded by Halo and Gears?'

'It's because many Americans fall for xboxlive Justin beiber Ads.
I hate Justin beiber'

'Because the majority of americans which believe in microsoft are all sheeps...'

'The people I talk to are also just as mystified as I am as to why the 360 still sells in the US.'

'The peer pressure and misguided patriotism factors are still there though.'

The only reason he said nothing because the guy wrote a pro-360 comment that countered the negative..

It's ashame that the ones who go out of there way to claim they are above it all..throw rocks from glass houses..

No offense to either of you..just my take..

On's clear that people are bitter about the 360s success..but the truth is every console this gen has enjoyed plenty of success..I'll take em all


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theonlylolking2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Americans buy what is popular not what offers you more for your money. That is why in US iphone is everywhere. Also M$ has ads on channels kids watch because they know who buys their stuff...the parents. So if kids see it and say Mommy/Daddy can I get that. Then they get it for them. You never see a Uncharted ad, move ad, or playstation ad on channels most children and teens watch.

Armyntt2832d ago

Whats your point? M$ is better at advertising? You dont say.

CyberCam2832d ago

It's funny you say that... Usually when I'm in EBGames (Gamespot), I usually see most of these young kids in there with their moms and they're usually buying 360 games. However, when other kids are with their dad's they're usually buying ps3 games. It's the weirdest thing I noticed the other day.

beardpapa2832d ago

I saw a kid and his dad at gamestop trading in all their 360 games and halo 3 edition 360 for store credit towards a ps3

OSU_Gamer2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


so who's fault is that?

I love my PS3 more than my 360, but for being such a better machine, you would expect it to be just as popular.

R0me2832d ago

If you compare PS3/xbox before you go into a store to buy it, you will come to the conclusion that the ps3 is the better choice. Objective.

There are many other factors: Headstart of xbox: People buy xbox (they dont care if it is good or bad) because their friends have one. They think: My friend has this engine so I can play with him, thats more worth than the blu ray player etc.

Besides my own opinion is that americans are easily convinced by marketing, so they buy rather xbox consoles. MS is doing more advertisement, more people get reached, more people get convinced.

I wish more people would turn their brain on and stop letting the advertisement do the choices.

-Alpha2832d ago

Exactly, dont blame MS for campaigning better. They appeal to a wider audience, then so be it. Sales are sales, and when it comes to the 360 winning in any form you people are quick to make excuses.

The 360S helped the 360 a lot. When PS3 slim did great numbers you all would love to praise the PS3 and spell the end of the 360, yet when the 360S gets out none of you are riding that train. This community gets so hostile over the 360, no one is saying the PS3 is doing bad yet everything seems to be taken so offensively around here. Relax people.

UnwanteDreamz2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

"no one is saying the PS3 is doing bad"

Plenty of fanboys have said just that but you just choose to ignore them.

-Alpha2832d ago


I meant that no one in this thread is trying to bash the PS3, nor is this article trying to say the PS3 sucks. Yet, any hint of the 360 outshining the PS3 in some way gets everybody trashing the 360 around here.

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n4gno2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

knightdarkbox is probably living in 2006.

"more than the competition does" ? lol, what a joke, on every single level, the ps3 offer more, from games, to graphics, and functionality.

stop lying to yourself, if the xbox sold well in US, it's just because the xbox had a headstart, people wants to continue to play with the same friends, and they love halo there...but most of all, because most of the media are biased, and people brainwashed, like with irak and fox news.
Most of big dumb american blockbusters are doing very well, but it's not a reason to considerer they are the best movies, masse culture is mediocre.

CyberCam2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Agreed... I couldn't have put it better myself. It seems that the majority of gamers have really low standards when it comes to quality of products they purchase! They are willing to buy the same things over & over as long as they're cheap. Why?

When I was in EBGames here in Canada, I met the Sony rep & asked him why Sony was the only gaming publisher/hardware maker to treat the Canadian dollar on par with the US dollar (all other publisher's games are $10 more). He told me that the majority of North American Sony sales are from Canada. I was floored by that statement... although I don't how true that statement was.

catguykyou2832d ago

The Dreamcast had a head start of a year and the PS2 knocked it out so fast, SEGA got out of the hardware business. One year head start isn't the save all end all. You have to deliver to keep that lead.

The only reason the PS3 has cought up and shrunk that lead so much is because of how well the new Sony advertising has been lately, the drop in console price, and the amazing exclusives that have been coming out. Sony has not slouched the past 2 years. But neither has Microsoft.

Who knows what these stupid motion controls will lead to though...

Hades13372832d ago

I don't know how n4gno got so many agrees, but your argument is just plain biased. What each console offers and how it appeals to individual consumers is purely subjective; you can't make a definitive judgement one way or the other. Some people love Halo, some people don't - it's their choice. Also, Microsoft put out the 360 a year before its competition for a reason, and all that bollocks about the media being biased, I think you're the one that has been brainwashed. Switch on and get a grip.

Christopher2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

1. Best online gaming
2. Early adoption
3. Best online gaming
4. Best console shooters
5. Best online gaming
6. Best marketing
7. Best online gaming
8. Easiest HD development platform w/best third-party results
9. Best online gaming
10. Best community tools

@FishCake9T4: The success of an online service is oftentimes marked by its ability to draw in the widest array of users. World of Warcraft is the best and most successful MMO and has the same issue. XBL is so successful that it draws in even the youngest of gamers. The reason why it's the best? Those 10 year-old kids keep coming back, just like everyone else, because it works the best and it's the most enjoyable.

FishCake9T42832d ago

By best online gaming do you mean the online with the most ten year olds.

candystop2832d ago

Whats sad is the fact that those 10 year olds are enjoying the best online has to offer while grown people like yourself are missing out on the way online gaming was meant to be played. You sound envious and sad like most disagreeing Sony fanboys lol.

Christopher2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Would people stop PM'ing me asking me when I stopped being a PS3 fanboy or what's wrong with me? Never been one, please deal with it.

-Alpha2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Who cares if it's the most ten year olds? The fact of the matter is that the 360 is selling well in NA, yet ps3 fans will quickly shut that out with excuses and insults like "Americans are sheep" or "kids play on xbox lol". What's with the damage control? The American market doesn't account for the world but it clearly accounts for something since it's the market that is giving MS the most leverage.

If people like the 360, let them. The PS3 is doing great worldwide but the American market is what they lack most in comparison to 360. That much is clear, yet make that comment and you get eaten alive.

And yes, games like Halo are the reason. Is that a bad thing? The game was a very successful game that a lot of people enjoyed. Still has some of the best multiplayer options to this day.


Turn your back on the PS3 and no matter how much you may have praised it before you will get disowned by your peers. It's a sad "us vs. them" mentality.

XBL and Halo are the strongest reasons alongside early launch. The 360 is doing well in NA because of it. It's funny that when a PS3 sales article is published people will eat it up, but as soon as the 360 is praised in some way people send it to hell. The article may be poor, but that hasn't stopped tons of poor pro-PS3 sales articles from being praised by this community. I don't understand why people get so upset with something pro 360. It's not the end of the world.

IdleLeeSiuLung2832d ago

It's like the Americans asking the Japanese, why the heck are you getting a PS3 when you can get a Xbox 360?!

It's a preference, so why is it such an issue for people to understand? Instead we get a lot of insults against Americans. In fact, I would wager Americans constantly get a bad reputation among Europeans. Having lived in Europe for almost twenty years, this is no stranger to me. Perhaps we should have an anti-European sentiment movement going in the US or something....

absolutecarnage2832d ago

I love how ps3 guys always go back too the 360 has lots of 10 year olds, I sure the ps3 does too just because they don't have a headset doesn't mean they don't exist, the other day i was watching my buddy play mag and it was the most udder chaotic thing i have ever seen, what fun playing a shooter game if you cann't even talk to your team plus his team was team killing and being retarded

moparful992832d ago

Have you been here since the early days of this generation? If you have then clearly you should remember all of the articles that praised the xbox 360 and how it was the greatest console ever made. Then there was a huge influx of articles that did nothing but bash sony and the ps3. If you wan't to blame someone for all of the hostility between ps3 and 360 fans you need not look further then the microsoft. Microsoft uses propoganda as its number one resource to leverage its brand against sony and this has caused alot of controversy in the industry. You are so quick to defend the 360 and its legion of fans while casting stones at ps3 fans but back before 2008 if you were a ps3 fan it was like the salem witch trials. You were persecuted for being a ps3 fan and there wasn't anyone around to defend us and the media even jumped on the ps3 bashing band wagon. Now that the tables have turned all of these 360 legionaires are playing the victim and its just sad.. He who is without sin shall cast the first stone.

-Alpha2832d ago

So your logic is it's OK that PS3 fans have become their enemies? I am not siding with anyone, if this was back in the day of the 360 I would just as much hate being on these boards. Stop justifying the hate-- it doesn't make it any fair, two wrongs don't make a right, why not just see things the way they are instead of siding with the PS3 out of spite?

gman_moose2832d ago

Couldn't agree more. It takes a fanboy to create a fanboy. Microsoft always focuses on bashing the competition rather than building up what they have. Look at guys like Greenberg- his comments are so fanboyish, its no wonder these "wars" have gotten so out of hand. 360 is the "in" thing in the US. It's more heavily marketed, more celebrities are mentioning it, and it's American made (well obviously the components aren't, or there wouldn't be a 60% failure rate, amirite?) I'm in Canada, and it's pretty much pro-Xbox here too. I think the disgruntled PC crowd, along with the old Sega fans have really adopted 360, and they are the ones buying up to 5 of them (lol @ the guy who literally owns 5 360's - what a loser).

Basically you have the Playstation fans, and the Playstation haters. They've been around since the Saturn, but it really picked up momentum when the Dreamcast was dying, right before the release of the PS2. Then Microsoft decided to get into the business, and after getting bent over last gen, their pride got the better of them this gen, and they will stop at nothing to beat Sony. The hilarious thing is that they don't even care about Nintendo, who's already bitch slapping them- they only have eyes for Sony. What a sad, pathetic bunch of "professionals".

Consoldtobots2831d ago

I don't think anybody has a problem with 360 per say, after all it's just a piece of hardware and will play games for you no matter how much crap you talk about it. That being said, many of more experienced and wise gamers know what MS and their legions of trolls represent for console gaming. There's no way any of us will let these cretons remain in this industry.

SaberEdge2831d ago

lol ^^^ you are a joke. People like you are the problem. I honestly wonder how some people can be so delusional.

moparful992826d ago

I am in no way attempting to justify the hate.. I simply was trying to point out that you are tongue lashing the ps3 camp whenever the 360 camp is guilty of exactly the same.. I am not siding either, I love my ps3 but refuse to relegate myself to the ranks of a fanboy.. I try to use intelligence and common sense in my replys.. I can see you pepper in heavy doses of both as well but again you singled out the ps3 camp.. My rebuttal was just that, a response to indicate where that hostility is derived. You did indicate a desire to know why they acted in the manner they do. I replied, simple as that.

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Jeremy Gerard2832d ago

the 360 is a more fun console. 360 is easier to use, faster, runs multiplats better, has more fun exclusives, not crap like little big planet, and XBL is still miles better than PSN, its just that simple.

360 is a better gaming machine. Americans know this because they are not blinded by their hate for Americans, like the rest of the world is.

Redrum0592832d ago

Lol fable and Alan wake sais hello. Srry dude but you lose, failure.

raptorjacob2832d ago

I'm american and i agree with the rest of the world i guess. Lbp is an awesome game. i think ps3 can be just as fun, but you can have your opinion. oh yeah i've had plenty of fun with uncharted! i guess what im trying to say is don't clump me in the same category as your definition of americans

Christopher2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Yeah, you see the whole 'not crap like LBP' gives away your bias. Once your bias is revealed, no one really cares about the rest of your argument.

Jeremy Gerard2832d ago

I've been around here for a long time, everyone knows Im a 360 fanboy; makes my opinion no less true however, at least not in this case. LBP is a game only hardcore gamers or PS3 fans enjoy, but most gamers are casuals, and LBP is just not doing it for them.

Also most casual gamers prefer a easy to use, affordable GAMING first console, with a great online experience. This is what 360 brings. PS3 not as much so.