StarCraft 2 Update: The Terrans Have Arrived

The first wave of Terran unit and building details are newly revealed on the StarCraft II website. In the aftermath of the Brood War, the resourcefulness, ingenuity, resilience, and sheer grit of the Terrans shows in their new designs and adjustments to existing designs as they adapt to and counter their enemies' strengths and weaknesses. Detailed profiles on the Marine, Reaper, Ghost, Viking, and Command Center are included in this first update that was revealed at BlizzCon. Like their Protoss counterparts, each website profile includes background information, screenshots, video, and concept art.

See the alternative sources below for the links to Reaper, Ghost, Viking and Command Center.

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Command Centerstarcraft2.comTnS
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kevin11223976d ago

it looks nice, cant wait for this game to release.

Charlie26883976d ago

LOL looks like some was thinking in Transformers when they made the Viking :D