Massive list of free Xbox LIVE Marketplace content

The largest and most up to date list of free Xbox LIVE Marketplace content, including game add-ons, themes and Avatar items.

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Akagi2115d ago

Trailers, avatars, demos, etc.

SixZeroFour2114d ago

i just want a list of free game content (which there are some) and avatar items...dont think anything else is worth mentioning

MisterNiwa2115d ago

Most of it is just Trailers. Wow. A wonder that Microsoft doesnt charge for them aswell.

SilverSlug2115d ago

Xbox Live and Free?

I was confused. Noticed its all beh. I mean, really? Trailers for movies? So you want me to download ads?

ranmafandude2115d ago

usually sucks badly that it's not worth downloading lol.

BeaArthur2115d ago

Yeah most of it (at least in the first 10 pages or so) is junk that you already have or don't care about.

maxcer2115d ago

i dunno about that, the download that lets you play your mp3 player while you play games is great. from what i hear sony still wont let you do that

peeps2115d ago

whats the point lol who's gonna go though 600+ pages of free trailers and demo's? i don't see the point in this at all

Denouncer2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

The filter option at the top of the page is your friend.

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