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Submitted by Denouncer 1959d ago | article

Massive list of free Xbox LIVE Marketplace content

The largest and most up to date list of free Xbox LIVE Marketplace content, including game add-ons, themes and Avatar items. (Xbox 360)

Akagi  +   1959d ago
Trailers, avatars, demos, etc.
SixZeroFour  +   1959d ago
i just want a list of free game content (which there are some) and avatar items...dont think anything else is worth mentioning
MisterNiwa  +   1959d ago
Most of it is just Trailers. Wow. A wonder that Microsoft doesnt charge for them aswell.
SilverSlug  +   1959d ago
Xbox Live and Free?

I was confused. Noticed its all beh. I mean, really? Trailers for movies? So you want me to download ads?
ranmafandude  +   1959d ago
anything free on xbox live
usually sucks badly that it's not worth downloading lol.
BeaArthur  +   1959d ago
Yeah most of it (at least in the first 10 pages or so) is junk that you already have or don't care about.
maxcer  +   1959d ago
i dunno about that, the download that lets you play your mp3 player while you play games is great. from what i hear sony still wont let you do that
peeps  +   1959d ago
whats the point lol who's gonna go though 600+ pages of free trailers and demo's? i don't see the point in this at all
Denouncer  +   1959d ago
The filter option at the top of the page is your friend.
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smithdown  +   1959d ago
Fable II for free??
It says the 'full game' of Fable II is free. Just queued it for downloading, though I'm expecting it to be a demo. Def says full game though?!? WTF?
wazzim  +   1959d ago
That would be something..
Denouncer  +   1959d ago
I assume it's the first episode of five which was made available for free.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1959d ago
I finally just bought Fable 2, man that game is good. Looking forward to the third one, even though I barely started the second one!
sam2236  +   1959d ago
Demos. Vids. Pics.

Garnett  +   1959d ago
Xbox "Plus" FTW! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
0oAngeluso0  +   1959d ago
Actually Microsoft gives away free content often
Not sure many who don't own a 360 would know this though. I have about 5 arcade games that were free from XBL, usually the first day a theme or avatar set is available on XBL it's free then in a day or so it costs MS points.
They have a whole stack of Indie games that are only $1 which is nice as well. That I m4d3 a g4me w1th zombies in it is an example of some of these games being really well done.

I think it's a huge misconception that Microsoft charges for everything, actually you get a lot of content for the small price you pay or sometimes no price at all.
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Lucas22  +   1959d ago
hasbro Family Game Night and Game Room are free, also all the game room addon are free.

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