IGN: Lost Odyssey Interview

For an RPG that is coming out later this year, details have remained scarce on Lost Odyssey. IGN recently saw a brief demo of several combat areas and learned a bit more about the immortal hero Kaim at E3, but to say gamers know what to expect out of this highly anticipated RPG is the understatement of the year. To squeeze a few more details out, IGN sent Ray Nakazato, President of feelplus Inc., a list of questions. Feelplus, as a reminder for those that recall Mistwalker as the developer for Lost Odyssey, is the dev team created as a subsidiary of Microsoft to aid the small Mistwalker studio.

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RadientFlux3881d ago

I hope this game isn't delayed in till 2008. I would love to have a couple of RPGs to play over my winter vacation. Usually I am not fond of JRPGS but this one looks a bit more mature and sort of reminds me of Planescape Torment.

Monkspade3880d ago

For me the turn base doesn't matter. I just hope the story is good.