GameStop Hit By GTA IV Delay: Stock Purchase Opportunity Seen

News that the coming holiday shopping season would be without one blockbuster game title sparked a small selloff in shares of GameStop Corp. (GME) Friday.

The stock traded down as much as 7% in the early morning hours before recovering slightly. By midday, the shares were down 4% at $39.83.

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PS360PCROCKS3884d ago

Wow GTA IV is killing everyone's stocks and their own.

tplarkin73884d ago

GTAIV is big, but it won't drastically damage overall sales. (Except for sales of PS3)

xhi43884d ago

The enormity of the GTA franchise, nothing new i geuss.

Poor take-two though, gotta feel for them.

harpua3884d ago

everything is down today, both the Dow and Nasdaq are down over 2%.

persian_prince3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

way to try and strut the stock market know how so ppl will think your in the biz.

WaggleLOL3884d ago

Rockstar has no one to blame but themselves for trying to support the gimped Dreamcast 360.

How do you fit a city sized free roaming next gen game into 1 gig less(Xbox 8 gigs vs 360 7 gigs) than last gen with no harddrive to rely on?

You don't, you delay for six months...

Microsoft, gimping next gen for everyone.

Just think, PC and PS3 owners could be playing a real next gen GTA with Lair type graphics and world complexity and size if it weren't for Microsoft's crappy console.

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