PSP Slim Video Comparison & Hands-On

This PSP Slim hands-on has a nice side-by-side with the old PSP. You'll see that the cosmetic enhancements are very minor, though the TV-out is actually looking pretty cool. With the proper downloadable media setup, the new PSP could be a powerful portable media system.

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Azurite3787d ago

It'll be a perfect addition to my new SDTV(Philips 32PW9551) :)

hotshot12373787d ago

things on a small screen but just bcuz i can play the new god of war or play metal gear portable ops on my hdtv is really cool. and then if i really felt like it, i would bring it with me on long rides but im gonna be getting the silver crystal one. it looks so cool. dag i quit my job at the worst time. right when everything is coming out. guess i have 2 go get one again or do some work for my landlord again.

Gunner_Ali3787d ago

I suppose this gives me enough of a reason to buy one wiv the daxter pack and burnout legends with vice city & portable ops shud be fun!

Wolverick3787d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on one either. I'm buying one just for Silent Hill and God of war. And now that i can play GoW on my HDTV, all the better.

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The story is too old to be commented.