Rumour – COD subcription plan leaked in gameplay video

VG247: "If a video recorded by a 360Junkies member is to be believed, the sub-plan would be payable via MS points.

The video shows the player trying to join a multiplayer session in the game via a friend’s gamercard, as detailed below."

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Quagmire3046d ago

So how goes that Activision boycott, guys?

PoSTedUP3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

oh its gunna be sweet. ima start off by playing some killzone2 then gradually work my way into some bfbc2 all while thinking: "take that activision!" and then pre order my copy of MOH : )

but to be honest, i am heavily into my psp at the moment playing socom ftb3 and then MGS peace walker. online FPS are not my thing at the moment, i feel sori for yall that are addicted to MWF2, ill say a prayer that yall dont miss out on TOO many games...

thrasherv33046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

^^^im with this guy.

shoddy3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I'm playing peace walker right now.

if it's true then paying 3 bills to play it really sucks. you can't denie that.

base on the video it's only on xbl. J/K

saint_john_paul_ii3046d ago

^i've already been with this guy since day one this game got released^

Nihilism3046d ago

Sadly you will be a minority in boycotting the game.

PC gamers said they would boycott MW2...MW2 outsold COD4's lifetime sales in the first week... boycotts never work, but it's still worth trying.

Blacktric3046d ago

I'm not addicted to MW 2 but playing it once in a while is nice actually. Only major problem is I've never find a server with below 100 ping. If they add a subscription based system that prevents players from playing the game fully I'll just quit playing it and go buy BC 2.

karl3046d ago

i did not even get MW2 ..

obviously i wont be getting this either.. hope u guys find the strength to keep yourself away from this game..

Conloles3046d ago

Mines going well, havent bought an Activision product since and Starcraft 2 (as much as I wanna support Blizzard) I'm just gonna buy a CD key so that Activision doesnt get a cent of my money.

Snakefist303046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Well No Buy For Me Than.

Baka-akaB3046d ago

i'm with this guy too ..
Hell i dont even boycott , i just dont care for most of their games

I_find_it_funny3046d ago

I'll probably buy used copy to play the single player and then return it the same day.

DORMIN3046d ago

Shame to the people that will pay for this bullshit.

If NO ONE buys a subscription, they will be forced to make it FREE, but after seeing MW2 $15 DLC become the best selling DLC on all platforms, I can't be surprised by this nonsense. -___-

Redempteur3046d ago

what's the ?
oh , activision want more money ?

don't care they never got my money . shame on all the cod mw2 : dlc pack buyers

Chubear3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

if you're a PS gamer and rather pay to play MW2 online (p2p severs w/ 16players online) than playing MAG (64-128players online); Resistance1,2&3 (40-60 players & 8player co-op) and Killzone2&3 (32plyers online, 2-4 co-op) for FREE with dedicated servers then there's no other way to put it...


I did not include multiplat games like BFBC cause you already know if activision is successful with this, EA will DEFINITILY implement this pay structure to their online FPSs games too.

RedDragan3046d ago

When they start charging, I'll start walking.

bviperz3046d ago

I'm joining the PoSTedUP bandwagon!

Legosz3046d ago

The play for online will not happen with black ops because they already started pre orders with no fixed terms or contracts. That is like selling a person a chicken online and telling him 3 months later he will have to pay $40.00 more. It is illegal.

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mrv3213046d ago

I was going to boycott them, but the game released for like £25 so I bought it. I know I'm a bad person but the day previous 9/10 of my PSN friends where playing it and I just wanted to buy it.

Will I buy the online subscription? No.

extermin8or3046d ago

yh i got mw2 for 25 quid on ps3 from sainsburys I'd buy the new 1 if there was a similat deal but I won't pay full price and I wont pay a subscription either they can get stuffed

zagibu3045d ago

What will you do if 9/10 of your PSN friends will play the subscribed multiplayer? You will subscribe, because you follow the flock.

zeeshan3046d ago

The last game from ACTI that I got was COD4. That tells you that I stopped supporting their games for a long time :)

HarryM3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

You've gotta be kidding me? 0_o

EDIT: Oh well, I wasn't thinking of buying Black Ops anyway. Halo: Reach is all I need ^_^

The Meerkat3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Hell yeah.

Have you been keeping up with Bungies updates?
'Surfing on top of a falcon while holding the flag' the game is going to be insane.

Can you say "Call of Duty Who?"

HarryM3046d ago

Haha! Indeed, I've been keeping up with their updates and Halo: Reach will truly be a spectacular game.

Did you see the Hologram armour ability?

And what did you say? Call of Duty Who?

tinybigman3046d ago

will be the last CoD game i'll buy mostly for the single player since i only play online once in a blue moon. but i know one thing if i was into competitive online i would not like activision or these companies hold me up for more money just to play online.

Snoogins3046d ago

Thank God for Halo and Killzone. :D This plus the fact Activision doesn't have a single game that interests me makes boycotting the company that much easier.

Sadly, there will be plenty of suckers desperate enough to pay for the subscription.

RockmanII73046d ago

$10/800 MSP a year is my guess. Hopefully it is only for MW2 and onward cause I was playing WaW last night and honestly enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

coolstuff3046d ago

$10 a year? This is Activision we're talking about, it'll be $10 a month.

Faztkiller3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I hope Activision don't start charging even though MW2 was a huge letdown I still like playing the occasional match.

EDIT: If Activision start charging I will never buy another game they Publish

Spenok3046d ago

How about if they start charging for online, Play the games you like from them offline, and dont pay for online?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Keep online free but have a subscription with added perks ( excuse the pun)

RememberThe3573046d ago

Paying more for what you already bought is borderline extortion. Maybe they'll add dedicated servers. That would be pretty sweet. Not for me of course, Not when other companies offer dedicated servers for free.

zagibu3045d ago

Why would they ever reintroduce dedicated servers, when a game without them sells like hot cake? Instead, what will happen is that other games will launch without them.

edhe3046d ago

Doubt it - they can do that with DLC. What they want is an entrance fee to the most popular FPS online. Instant millions.