Gran Turismo 5: New Video to show cockpit view of Ferrari F40

Videogameszone is showing a new Gran Turismo 5 video that is demonstrating the cockpit view of the Ferrari F40.

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vicheous3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

This has to be GT5P not GT5!!!

That very same race i think i've done several times...

IRetrouk3044d ago

dosnt matter still the best sim ever, gt5p took demos to the next level and gt5 is gonna do the same for retail releases.

DelbertGrady3043d ago

It's from What did you expect? :)

Yangus3044d ago



GT5P 16 cars in race offline.
GT5 8 cars in race offline,online 16.

IRetrouk3044d ago

probs because gt5 has a higher poly count per car than its demo conterpart, theres also more effects and the physics engine is also updated.

PirateThom3043d ago

8 cars have been shown, but it will, undoubtedly have 16 cars off line if it has 16 online.

cobraagent3043d ago

There WILL be 16 cars offline in GT5 The demos just have 8 cars

Microsoft Xbox 3603043d ago

You can see 16 cars offline in the visual and photomode trailers.

Gran Touring3043d ago

No, it's been confirmed by Poly D. that there will be 16 car races, for all events, online and off. You can look up the videos and even trailers; many feature full 16-car grids.

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