Should Driver Cut Its Losses

At E3 2010, Ubisoft announced that "Driver: San Francisco" was in the works with an expected release date in 2011. Is this more like kicking a dead horse than a reboot.

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Darkstorn3044d ago

The only thing that looks cool about this game is the fact that they have supposedly replicated the entire Bay Area. Apart from that, the game looks pretty dull. At least from what I've seen (hopping between cars? Seriously?).

Droid Control3044d ago

I loved the first 3 games. Even Driver 3.
Sure the on foot missions were crap, but the driving, art systle, graphics, and coolness were amazing.

I'd like to see the franchise up to its best again.

OooSheeet3044d ago

The Driver series is the only franchise that gives you a "Film Director" mode. Many many people will buy the game just for that! When you add the driving physics that Reflections are famous for and the freedom that "Shift" offers, this game just might be a big hit!

People criticised the "on foot" aspects of the previous games & wanted Driver to go back to what it did best. Yet they still wanted to be able to change cars......I'm not sure about the Shift feature yet but with Martin Edmundson back in control, I have enough faith to wait and see. Even if Shift a fail, IMO there is still enough in this game to keep me interested.

No-one batted an eyelid when Assassin's creed let you do something similar and time-travel back to an ancient ancestor!

eddie4203044d ago

I've seen "Shift" in Action and It Looks Incredible! As we all know Drivers On Foot Wasn't Good, But We all wanted To be able To switch Cars in the New Driver! We're Gettingthe Best of Both Worlds, The Best Driving Physic Ever Put in a Free-Roam/Open-World Driving Game And We're getting Tanners Story! For Those of you Who Didn't give Driv3r a Fair Play thru, You missed out! Bc Driv3r Had one of the Best Stories I've ever seen in a Video game, Tanners Story is Awsome! The New Driver, (Driver San Francisco) Will Be Well Worth The Money! All it needs is Tanners Story And Drivers Car Handling Physics and the game will be a Winner! Ps3 PSN ID: ArroyoSavage925