Most believable game characters this generation

Msxbox-world compiles a list of gaming characters who would make perfect real life companions. Well, maybe not so perfect but believable all the same.

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ShadesMoolah2836d ago

It's too early for these sorts of jokes man.

I_find_it_funny2836d ago

Alan Wake is not believable, he doesn't close his mouth even when he's not talking.

Redrum0592836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Damn, it would be weird if snake were real. A skilled killer that answers any question with an answer that relates to war in some way or form. Lol

Me:Hey snake, wacha havn for breakfast?

Snake: "on the battlefield, there is no room for breakfast, no need for food wen the only thing that gets you going is blood and the sound of gunshots in the distance."

Me: .....? :/

Don't get me wrong, I love the MGS series.

Damnit 2 bubbles... That sucks

cobraagent2836d ago

Here have another one for that funny comment

Nate-Dog2836d ago

Breakfast... has changed.

Handsome_Devil2836d ago

Loool, I could see snake saying that.

Here is a bubble :)

Redrum0592836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

thanks you guys, i know its just a bubble but it feels pretty shitty to lose a bubble.

plus bubbles to you cobraagant, same to you nate-dog and devil.

Nate-Dog2835d ago

Bubbles for all!

(By the way what are bubbles? :P)

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Xof2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

More a testament to the low-quality of characters we've seen this gen than anything else. As well as the limited variety of games the writer plays.

Tompkins2836d ago

I'm glad the author hasn't included a load of emo RPG characters. I'd disagree with Faith and Sheva on that list though.

shades722836d ago

Depends on what you expect from game characters really.

doctorstrange2836d ago

Incredibly realistic game characters

R0me2836d ago

Madison Paige, loved that character.

SeanRL2836d ago


Snake_-7-_2836d ago

I still need to pick up Heavy Rain. Shame on me :(

Awesome_Face2836d ago

watch it on youtube, saves you money to use on real games

ShadesMoolah2836d ago

I see what you did there.

Acquiescence2836d ago

did you ever manage to get up to 4 bubbles?

mrv3212836d ago

That's what I did for Gears of War.

Let's plays are awesome.

I get it because you push buttons in Heavy Rain it's not a game, I get it... lol. Oh wait, Heavy Rain is no different to every other games.

Heavy Rain
You move around a 3D environment and push various buttons to interact
Halo/Gears/Resistance/Most Games
You move around a 3D environment and push various buttons to interact

They seems similar to me... but hey, Heavy Rain has a proper story and doesn't involve murder so it must be a game. RIGHT?

yewles12836d ago

...and if I would've said something similar, I'd be IP banned.

N4PS3 my ASS!!!

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Alos882836d ago

Alyx Vance- the most likable and realistic sidekick I've seen in a game yet.

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