Are reprints of Xenosaga III making their way to Gamestop?

Did you notice that there are multiple pristine "pre-owned" copies of the (sort of) rare PS2 game Xenosaga III available at your local Gamestop for twenty bucks? Did you check your phone to go online and see that before today, eBay completed sales were selling between $35-$50? Thinking about buying their entire supply and flipping it online? You may want to hold off on that thought first, Gordon Gekko, because there's speculation that your treasure trove might actually be reprints.

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Myst3043d ago

Wish this would become a collection like God of war 1 and 2.

ClownBelt3043d ago

I approve this message.

Godmars2903043d ago

Not with Wada at the helm. Also an issue that Monolith is at Nintendo.

Myst3043d ago

Ah that's sad to hear :(

At least I still have my PS2 in working condition. Guess I'll probably go out and buy all three sometime later.