Boy who murdered brother after Xbox row jailed for 10 years

A 15-year-old schoolboy who murdered his elder brother when he deliberately set fire to their family home in a row over an Xbox computer games console has been imprisoned for 10 years.

Matthew Stringer, then aged 14, launched a revenge arson attack after his family took away his Xbox as punishment for stealing from his elder brother Craig, 24.

He set fire to the family home by pouring white spirit in the hallway and stairs and set it alight by throwing a match through the front-door letter-box. He walked off leaving those inside to their fate.

The three bedroom semi-detached in Kitchin Road, Wombwell, near Barnsley became an inferno trapping six people inside.


Sheffield Crown Court heard how Matthew calmly watched from the street with his arms folded as the blaze claimed the life of Adam.

Gary told the court: "He was stood about with his hands in his pockets and did not seem bothered."


During tape recordings of his interviews played to jurors he constantly denied his involvement and said: "I didn't do anything. It wasn't me." When asked by officers about his home life he admitted being a "bit angry" when the family took away his Xbox as punishment.

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D_U_I3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

ive read the story and i'm still not impressed, this should not get approved.... silly little bastards..... Yawn.

Vip3r3883d ago

to kill your older brother over the sake of a games console is just f**ked up.

Depressed Mode3883d ago

Yeah it is, and to act like it wasn't even a big deal is just sad.

Marriot VP3883d ago

I wonder if there will be an Xbox in prison for him to play. I know who's going to be playing first.

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The story is too old to be commented.