8.0 Singularity Review Singularity is definitely a good title.A gripping storyline and engaging right now, an interesting and varied gameplay thanks to factors such as the CMT and gaming environments, and a compartment sound excellent, this title makes a good exponent of the genre. Unfortunately, some flaw in the graphics general, a longevity that will give less than 10 hours of gameplay to complete the adventure and many good ideas are not developed as they should, Singularity make a good project, but who would regret for what that might have been. However, it is certainly recommended purchase for lovers of FPS horror but also to those who want to spend a few hours to wander about seemingly deserted island to unearth the terrible secret remained so for nearly half a century.
In conclusion we can say to be hopeful that in the near future the duo Activision / Raven Software will be back with any result that maintains the strengths of the first and fill the gaps.

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