First details on Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness

The first details on Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness, which was trademarked by Square Enix a few months ago, have emerged.

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Natsu X FairyTail3044d ago

milking , milking , milking.

''alot of people werent pleased with FFXIII''

no sh1t. u guys just keep poopin out sh1tty sequels , SPinoffs after another.

ChickeyCantor3044d ago

The only thing that is likely milked is the title itself.

Spenok3044d ago

Yep. Tital. They 'usually' have nothing to do with other games in the franchise.

Rush3044d ago

By your logic Natsu EA should stop making Fifa games because there miking the title tard....

This is a Mobile game it has no bearing on anything to do with the console scene so how about you stop crying and suck a lolly pop.

Ingram3044d ago

Fifa games every year means there's less time for improving the formula, so yeah, maybe they should stop at least for a while. I doubt people want squeenix to further worsen its games releasing one every year.

maxcer3044d ago

you can say that about lots of games, look at halo, resistance, CoD, street fighter, tekken, turismo, any sports game.

Edward-Kraken3044d ago

*reads article*

Ignores. Waits for the DS port announcement. You know its coming. -__-

Alos883044d ago

I'll wait for the port to a console I actually own.

3044d ago
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