How Wii Took 2nd Place At The Wii Summer Games

Ripten's Justin Berube: "Today I had the pleasure of going to the Wii Games Summer 2010 NYC Main event held at Liberty State Park, NJ. I entered the event with my sister to form team BeruGold. We took 2st place in our division.

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Drjft2988d ago

Gotta Catch 'Em All


Sandwich Bender2988d ago

That'll do, Nerd. That'll do.

CrzyFooL2988d ago

Looks like nintendnerds heaven is more like it.

Nostradavis2988d ago

why does the place look so poorly lit? Did Nintendo forget to put lightbulbs in the place?

peyote2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

"Looks like nintendnerds heaven is more like it."

Oh, because no doubt you are 'super cool' and not nerdy at all.

Spenok2987d ago

Dude, he's posting on a game site, no matter what he does he's a bit nerdy.

LBD_Nytetrayn2988d ago

I wish I could attend one of these. I'd love to get my hands on some of that swag!

CrzyFooL2988d ago

Then you need to be pro like Justin and BeruGold!!

KingNintendoFanboy2988d ago

This event looks amazing. I need to sign up.

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