Sniper Patch Released, Game Now Sucks Less

Less than three weeks after City Interactive released the much anticipated Sniper: Ghost Warrior with numerous AI and gameplay issues, a big ol’ patch has finally come to save the day. Unfortunately, its a day late and a dollar short for many gamers who have already become frustrated with the title.

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dizzleK2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

it seems that the patch for the 360 version is also out. i was prompted to dl an update and when i started playing i noticed an immediate improvement in the AI. it's like the difference between night and day, the game is actually playable (and fun) now.

CrzyFooL2741d ago

Yah it's def much better, and it's upped my review of the game by nearly a full point. Only problem is the game was in shit shape for 3 weeks so a lot of people are already turned off.

Sandwich Bender2741d ago

It's really too bad that they released the game in a state that could sour so many people.

Nostradavis2741d ago

@ Sandwhich,

You lost me at "in a state that could sour so many people."

Raccoon2512741d ago

Well, I guess that made it a little bit better?

Drjft2741d ago

Good stuff from City Interactive to see they're supporting their game.

CrzyFooL2741d ago

There is actual potential for a decent franchise here. The game may be meh on most levels but the sniping is damn fun. Let's hope they get it all right the next time.

krisq2741d ago

Sniping is fun, especially on Hard difficulty.

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The story is too old to be commented.