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PSN Stores: "Vibes has a play-list of 13 tunes. They’re most likely not from artists you will recognize, but for only 13 songs, they are a real variety and I enjoyed the majority of them. “Hello” by Fake Elegance was probably my favorite track. Yeah, euro-pop, don’t judge. Each song has 3 difficulty levels a la DDR. You start out with a couple songs unlocked on easy and you’re free to go from there. As you get more high scores and clear more difficulties you unlock new songs and difficulties. I found some of the higher difficulties harder, (duh) but also found that sometimes the beats didn’t always match up with the notes I had to play. This would take out my combo and I would get a bit flustered. This is the only problem I had with this game. If you’ve got the music in your bones, pick this one up for sure… and here’s hoping for a couple installments of this game, with some tweaking this could be a must have."

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MysticStrummer3069d ago

They should add Move support to this game, since it's design goes well with this game's title. I guess it might require two Moves, though.

3069d ago