Publishers Could Gain From GTA IV Delay

With the anticipated release date of Grand Theft Auto IV pushed back until spring 2008, Rockstar Games' competitors stand to gain this holiday season.

According to data released today by IGN GamerMetrics, two other multiplatform games in particular could capture gamers' interest - and dollars - instead.

For both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Activision's squad-based shooter Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat topped the list of games that will benefit most from GTA IV's delay. The GamerMetrics numbers, based on data culled from gamers who expressed interest in buying GTA IV in the last 30 days, show a 91 percent overlap in interest between COD4 and GTA IV on the Xbox 360 and a 71 percent overlap between the titles among PS3 gamers.

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DiLeCtioN3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

i am actually looking forward to this years titles than gta dont get me wrong gta is a great game but ill like to taste some new cakes...yep 2008 will be the icing lol

DEADEND3977d ago

i think its a good idea to hold the game back till next year, simply because they have to compete with all these new games coming out this year. if they wait till april they dont have to worry about any games taking away GTA4 shine(HILO3). and it gives them alot more time to make the game betta for both systems. i know the game isnt being held back because of the ps3 they just dont want people to know the truth of the real reason why they went and held it back.

power of Green 3977d ago

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ichimaru3977d ago

more dev time better game, wish i had it now but can't really complain

Meus Renaissance3977d ago

Assassins Creed, Unreal Tournament and Uncharted will be my game list. GTA or no GTA, I'll have fun.