The world's worst game controller fails

Benj Edwards writes: "When it comes to game controllers, there’s a fine line between clever and stupid. For every good step forward in controller design, there are a dozen dead ends.

This slideshow is dedicated to those oddball controllers that set out to earn our amazement, but only aroused our amusement instead."

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fatstarr3069d ago

Lol i have the original sidewinder.

KingME3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I use to kick some serious ARSE using the spaceorb in Quake, doom, duke nukem, heretic, and hexen back in the day. Man I loved that

Kleptic3069d ago

I got that space orb thing for free with Forsaken back in could figure it out?...I was hopeless with that thing haha...

Pandamobile3070d ago

Why the hell is the Novint Falcon in there. I'm probably the only person on this website that actually owns one, but it is without a doubt the most visceral way to experience a video game. There's nothing like actually feeling the power of a shotgun blast in your hand, or feeling the weight and inertia of an object you carry around.

Pen Pooh3070d ago

"There's nothing like actually feeling the power of a shotgun blast in your hand, or feeling the weight and inertia of an object you carry around."

This man is a liar -- Kinect team.

bjornbear3069d ago

then you'll feel the power of a shotgun blast with the whole kinect experience! (just be sure you have a spare TV for every shot you take)

Poseidon3070d ago

dreamcast has to be there, it has a cool screen on it, but it felt horrible.

ExplosionSauce3069d ago

I didn't like its D-pad. Made some fighting games a pain, literally, on my thumb >_<

Neko_Mega3069d ago

Kind of the reason to use the joystick on it, I was really good at alot of fighting games on the Dreamcast, to bad the control slots had to give out on both of my Dreamcast.

gamerben3068d ago

I thought the DC controller was great! And if it wasn't for that controller then where would the triggers be on the xbox controller?

Dac2u3070d ago

Some of those should not be on this list. I own the Nostromo N52, I used it with WoW before I quit and a few other games and I love it. There were a couple problems with it, but overall it was the best gaming peripheral I've owned. I don't see how it's considered one of the worst failures, considering it's had at least four versions. If you play MMO's, you should at least try using it for a few days, you'll never go back to a keyboard.

tommyth3cat3070d ago

Yeah a lot of my old MMO buddies swore by them but i just prefer the good ol mouse and keyboard.

OutgoingSquall3070d ago

All I know is that the dualshock dpad is the best.

Thrillhouse3070d ago

Definitely agree upon the D-Pad being the best. But the analogue sticks are too close for me, my thumbs always touch each other D:

CimmerianDrake3069d ago

You must have some rather large thumbs.

Thrillhouse3067d ago

I mean, when the left thumbstick is moved to the right, and the right thumbstick is moved to the left my thumbs touch each other.

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The story is too old to be commented.