Polarizing Figure: Olivia Munn

The most recent bash on Munn has come from ‘The Frisky’, a website I enjoy fairly often, though not always. Jumping on the Munn hate-wagon was a contributor over Munn’s uneager-ness to latch onto the feminist label. Let it be known that it was posted out in the comments section that the contributors’ post amounts to a “pot calling the kettle black” type thing. It would appear ever since the announcement that Olivia Munn would be joining the cast of The Daily Show, blogs that couldn’t have cared less about her, can’t stop talking about her negatively. being cited the most as they have been critical of her in the most visual way, though their opinion seems to be pretty even keel with the others. All I have to ask is why?

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RememberThe3573011d ago

A damn good write up. I had no idea she was catching so much heat. But then again I never go to feminist blogs. Olivia Munn is doing her thing. She is hustling and getting herself out there. It's too bad some women are threatened by a women who doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks.

SynGamer3011d ago

Agreed. It's as though sex appeal = slutty. I love how she throws that in peoples faces with comments about giving execs BJs in order to move up in her career. Obviously it isn't true (she doesn't seem like that type of person) but I love seeing her keeping her head up when people are bashing her left and right. I think they're all just jealous ;)

RememberThe3573011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

So what if shes giving bj to get up the ladder. How many girl do you know who give bj's just for the hell of it, at least she would be getting something out of the who thing. lol

But it seems like the only people who would hate on her would be those who are jealous.

I actually think she's being classy about it. She's having fun and not being conceded. Sure she has been a little questionable in the past but it got people watching her so you can't really blame her. She is working with what shes got, playing the cards she was dealt, or how ever else you want to put it.

Edit: Damn it. Now I'm out of bubbles... Stupid curse word that I can't help but type then get bubbles taken for using "Bad Language"...

SynGamer3011d ago

Not only that but she's got sex appeal. She knows it, you and I know it, and just about everyone else does too. Of course she's going to use they to her advantage. It's not like she's posing topless or has nudes on the internet. Hell, she was the cover of Playboy and never once took off her top (much to my disappointment).

Props to her for handling this professionally.

Cevapi883011d ago

am i the only who saw Fail

Conloles3011d ago

God her performance at E3 was so bad

Raoh3011d ago

lmfao at that video

he paused and said.. "is morgan here?"

david is all right in my book

Blaze9293011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

lmao Jaffe straight pwned Munn in that interview. "Is Morgan here?" ROFL

badass unlocked.

Spydiggity3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

that video makes me wanna see what morgan looked like in the red dress

EDIT: Looked it up...meh

StbI9903011d ago

Hey guys there was another girl who interviewed David at E3, she is from IGN, her name is something around bibop or bebop, can someone highlight me her name?

Thanks, searching for that video she did with jaffe beside this one of olivia.

PS3istheshit3011d ago

But sometime last year she started doing jokes that were just awkward, not funny
Then it was downhill from there lol
But Kevin's still funny and Allison hayslip is cute :P and she is a lot funnier than Olivia
Man I feel bad for her; a couple days ago the falcon joke was a complete disaster

nickjkl3010d ago

you know the show is writen right like it has writers that write these things it wasnt olivia being awkward it was the writers making her be the awkward one

DORMIN3010d ago

Jaffe totally wanted to punch her in the face after that random nonsense while he is trying to showcase his game.

Megaton3010d ago

Munn was a 1-woman trainwreck at E3 this year, and so far she's been pretty terrible on The Daily Show as well.

Montrealien3010d ago

lol, David Jaffe does not know what a Daewoo is? fail.

Anyways, I like Munn and and I enjoying her new gig on the Dailyshow.

this is win.

Hotel_Moscow3010d ago

idk about you guys but without olivia the show isnt the same the girls seem to have the same personality as kevin but just pasted onto another host

olivia was unique the awkward one

StbI9903010d ago

Hey krisq

Thanks there.

edgeofblade3010d ago

I lost respect for Munn when they ran the "Best of" for her fan-servicey moments, and I realized she was eye candy with a journalism degree and asian genes... and nothing more. It's degrading. I prefer intelligent women to women who whore themselves out. They can impress me with their minds before trying to seduce me. Instead, she just acts like a clown. With breasts.

TEFL0N_D0N_813010d ago

"...but I love seeing her keeping her head up when people are bashing her left and right."

I'd love to see her keeping her head up and down when I'm... I'll stop there. =)

ExplosionSauce3010d ago

Yes he did know what a Daewoo is. He realized what she meant a few seconds later when he said "...the car?".

He was supposed to be interviewed on Twisted Metal. So his mindset was on his game, not forgotten Korean cars.

And yes that was a good video.

Hotel_Moscow3010d ago

wai so all those writers they constantly show on the show arent writing the script for the show

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FACTUAL evidence3010d ago

Everyone hatin on her knows dam well, if she asked them to f*k her hard they would all love her.


looks like 1 person is gay. @ disagree r

beavis4play3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

she looks like she has multiple STDs.......on one show during her fist year on AotS she commented on how happy she was at getting over one. not just that - give her face a close look -looks like there is some serious acne under those layers of make-up. and, while she's not fat.........she's really thick - her waist, thighs and ass kind of run's hard to tell where one ends and the next begins - not to mention her legs are fat.....i'm not saying that's a bad look but, i'm not into it.

i imagine any guy under age 25 would jump on her.........of course, that's not saying much - guys under 25 will take anything they can get.


Its cool, we have different taste in women. Im 31 and trust me i would smash that 3 times a day.

likedamaster3010d ago

""All the women on that show have earned their spots."

LMAO hell no, Morgan Webb is the only woman who seems to know wtf shes talking about. Munn, Holt, Layleigh = eyecandy."

-I'm with this guy.

otherZinc3010d ago

Olivia needs to understand that popularity comes with jealousy by fools.

Olivia is a talented reader with the flair to capture an audience.

Somtimes beauty can cause disaster as others don't come close to her beauty & tend to hate her for being talented.

Erin Andrews for ESPN suffered this same ridicule because women were jealous of her beauty & foolish men didnt like her reporting football.

I commend the author of this article for realising Olivia has talent behind that epic beauty she has. Also, this is after the author hated on her, but that's big of the author to come back with sincerity & realisation.

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Lucent Beam3011d ago

Great article. I stopped caring about G4 years ago so I had no idea she has been subjected to so much drama. Last drama I heard about her was that she couldn't stop mentioning her vagina juices.

Solidus187-SCMilk3011d ago

its got what plants crave... its got electrolytes.

Rucury3011d ago

You sir are hilarious.

Spenok3011d ago

I was done with G4 years ago as well. The only thing i ever use it for anymore is E3 coverage once a year since they always have the best coverage of it. Except for there hosts, most of them generaly suck pretty bad. Especially that guy inbetween conferences that looked like Shia Lebough. He was absolutly useless there.

N4BmpS3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I still have a heavy appreciation for G4 and the hosts; Olivia Munn is ridiculous, actually I used her material and fused with my own, got a lot of laughs too. Olivia Munn, like the other G4 staff members seem to be very smart outrageous but at least she majored in journalism, some girls can only major in bj 101.I don't even understand why feminist groups still exist in America anyway (or other countries where women have business and political rights).

Cairnius3010d ago

That doesn't mean "actually learned to be a good reporter." I have a communications undergrad degree - many of the girls were just pieces of ass learning to preen in front of the camera. You can actually get a degree in that.

We need a new name for the major, I think, so that only investigative journalists get journalism degrees, and everyone else gets something appropriately lightweight so that the rest of the world doesn't say things like "But Olivia Munn got a journalism degree!"

Yeah, she also had a minor in "photography," I'd guess...

N4BmpS3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Oh Lord, your reasoning versus mine, do you really believe that just because that you don't believe that she's a good reporter that you're right and I'm wrong? Seriously? Okay, yeah Olivia Munn knows how to work in front of a camera, let me be honest and kind of harsh with you, you're being sexist.

I don't care about the girls that were in your class, of course they'd just seem like pieces of ass to you again I don't care. But how do you know that she didn't do hard work? You don't. Wanna know why?

Breaking down what you said, you seem to be a tad bit sexist, it could be the way she looks, dresses, holds herself or the way she sways her hair. I don't know, I'm not a therapist (I'm just pretty damn good at reading in between lines and bs on the internet).

Keep this in mind, (cuz I don't feel like typing anymore, been typing stories articles all day of course you shouldn't care) Olivia knows that people think she's a dumb, blow job giving whore, that's not good for anything else (obviously that's what you think)but that's why she plays the role. For people like you.

I'm not defending her but yeah I'm not gonna be like the millions that hate her for no reason, that's preposterous. And no she minored in Japanese culture and Acting.

Oh yeah, 99.9% of journalism today is bullshit, so what's one more journalist who's b.s. to your face but entertaining?

@ Boy blue: Find it yourself I don't remember those links.

LeonSKennedy4Life3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I'm glad she's using sex appeal. ^_^

Without girls like her, we wouldn't see the complete lack of self respect many young women have these days.

I admire confidence...but showing everyone your goods and using it to get somewhere is just pathetic.

I used to respect Olivia Munn.

She needs to grow up. This isn't Jr. High.

Lady Gaga has never posed nude either...but they both leave little to the imagination.

Why is morality shunned now?

SynGamer3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

No offense, but technically I don't believe she's ever shown her "goods", at least not on purpose (can't stop the paparazzi). Also, if you look at *almost* any major news network, most of the female reporters and newscast members are attractive women. Are they more respectable because they report news rather than talk games? No one wants to look at a fugly women...just saying :)

Friendly reminder: this is an OPINION piece.

LeonSKennedy4Life3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

This is why we can't have nice things!!!

writersblock3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )


Ok, I guess Ill have to take out my entire comment and put this instead since you edited yours to something completely different than what you were saying before

Apotheosize3010d ago

she posed for playboy enough said. dont defend this talentless hack

dinkeldinkse3011d ago

But am I the only one wondering what drug(s)Lady Gaga is on?

On topic, when did Olivia Munn supposely become relevant? The Daily Show is only a step up from AOTS because it has viewers. Other than that, it's a complete joke just like AOTS is. If I really want to watch people that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, I'll just watch a celebrity interview.

beavis4play3011d ago

she's good-looking, funny but also very intelligent. her internet/tech segmets were always interesting. she could be fun too, with segments like "the lush".

if they could get her back - i'd start watching again.

atticusflinch3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Dinkeldinkse said, "If I really want to watch people that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, I'll just watch a celebrity interview." I say, "Or Fox News."

In terms of its impact on popular culture, do you really think The Daily Show is only one step up from G4TV's AOTS? Seriously? I am by no means a huge Munn fan, other than her obviously sizzling attributes, but the writing alone on The Daily Show is a world apart from hackish drivel that is abundant on AOTS.

Maybe Lady Gaga isn't the only one we should be wondering about when it comes to drugs and a certain someone being on them.

pixelsword3010d ago

"I admire confidence...but showing everyone your goods and using it to get somewhere is just pathetic."

Or a portfolio.

BannedForNineYears3011d ago

She doesn't belong on a gaming show.
After how stupidly she acted to David Jaffe and the race car driver that was playing GT5.
I think it's time to swap her out with someone like, hmm, I dunno. Maybe Jessica Chobot? :D

Blaze9293011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I wouldn't mind a Jessica Chobot switch

or anyone for that matter who actually gives a damn and knows what they are talking about: gaming

Or hell, get Morgan Webb to replace Oliva. Her and Kevin always make a good team:

simply hilarious review. Or you even have Abbie Heppie who can replace Olivia.

Dac2u3011d ago

I totally agree, I like Munn, I think she can be hilarious, but she doesn't know anything about gaming and little about tech. I'm guessing they'll fill Munn's role on AOTS with Alison Haislip, she seems to know what's what in gaming and tech. She's nice on the eyes, too. I think Munn will fit in nicely on the Daily Show.

thebudgetgamer3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

if she was co-host of x-play you'd have a point.

i like munn she's not afraid to be edgy with the stereo type humor and what not.

BannedForNineYears3011d ago

I never mentioned AOTS now did I?
I was referring to when she was with Adam, Kevin, and Morgan at E3.

The_Zeitgeist3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I like what he said about her sense of humor. I love hot chicks that you can make poop jokes with! She kind of reminds me of Jenny McCarthy back in the day.

As far as her on the daily show, I saw her first report the other night and it was funny. She fits in.