What to Expect from Shogun 2 Total War

By now many fans of the Total War series of strategy games will know about the next upcoming title in the series Shogun 2: Total War. Shogun 2 is set to be released sometime in 2011 but there is already some information online about the key features of this Total War game.

You can see the key features after the jump

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Xof3068d ago

Nothing to see here, folks. No opinion, no news, just a rehash of the same information we've had since E3.

Letros3068d ago

Yea, getting tired of the rehash, hopefully Creative Assembly shows us some footage soon!

chak_3068d ago

Greatness, but even less mod support :[

Xof3068d ago

If nothing else, Creative Assembly has shown remarkable quality in past games. They clearly have an eye for historical accuracy and bug-free releases. :P

Faelan3068d ago

Yeah, and they sure live up to their promises on delivering the most kick ass AI ever. Trying to take a fort in Empire/Napoleon never fails to entertain when it comes to scaling those walls and getting your troops to stay there and do something constructive when they've reached the top. A truly excellent example of brilliant path finding and line of sight at work.

Sure hope they deliver on that one in Shogun 2 since they're promising even more advanced sieges battles. Heh, maybe that's why they're leaving behind an era that focuses so heavily on direct fire and keeping formations :)