Online Retailer Outs European Kinect Release Date?

Game-Smack Ireland:[update image now added] Online Retailer seems to know something we don't. On the sidebar of their main page, it boasts that Kinect is coming with a release date featured just below it.

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pustulio3046d ago

The date is already set and announced by Microsoft.

LeonSKennedy4Life3046d ago

At first, I was like ?!?

But then...I ^_^

I forgot other countries don't use the MM/DD/YYYY format.

Pug3046d ago

By other countries you obviously mean close to the entire rest of the world. If Day as the smallest unit was represented as 1 and Year being highest at 3 only the yanks would be backward enough to go 2-1-3. Silly Americans, I think you only did it out of spite of the British back when we were fighting you.

Awesome_Face3046d ago

Kinect is gonna rock, can't wait

Spenok3045d ago

You wish. Either that or havent seen a single video on Kinect.

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